7 things movers will use to protect your things during the moveHiring a professional and trustworthy moving company when you are moving can make the difference between an affordable problem-free and stress-free move and an overly expensive troublesome and stressful move. Of course, one of the main reasons why you have chosen to use the services of a reputable moving company is because it is easier to move with help. Instead of doing all the hard work, you have looked into and hired one of the top-rated moving companies in the country. But then, it is only fair that you ask how these movers will protect your valuable items during the move? After all, you want to make sure you have made the right choice calling in the pros. Here are the 7 things movers will use to protect your things during the move:

Packing paper

Even though you know that soft packing paper is vital during the packing process, two things usually happen when you decide to pack your things on your own: you never really know how many sheets of paper to use, and you always run out of packing paper before you are done wrapping all of your things.

Professional packers never seem to worry about those two problems as they always bring more packing supplies than they will need, and they have enough experience to know just how much paper sheets they need as soon as they look at whatever it is they have to pack.

A full-service moving company will use packing paper as the initial protective layer for most of your fragile possessions. They will utilize packing paper to pad the bottom, sides, and top of most moving boxes.



The best packing teams know just how useful and practical cardboard can be in all aspects of packing. The versatility of cardboard as a packing material can rarely be matched and combined with its low price. It is one of the most useful packing materials that movers can have on moving day.

Good moving teams will attach pieces of thick cardboard over extra fragile glass surfaces, delicate ornaments of antique furniture and mirrors without letting packing tape touch any sensitive parts directly.

Also, careful moving teams will position large pieces of cardboard on the ground to protect the floors from scratches, dents, and so on, allowing the floors of your home to remain clean after the movers have gone.


Plastic wrap

Professional packers take advantage of various packing and padding materials to get the job done right. One such material is plastic wrap, another great material that only the professionals seem to use when they work.

Movers will use plastic wrap to secure moving blankets wrapped around furniture pieces, bundle together various groups of items such as clothes, electric cords, etc.

They will also keep cords secured around household appliances, prevent drawers and cabinet doors from opening during transit, plastic wrap entire drawers while not removing their contents and keep dust away from wrapped-up items.

Great movers know when to use plastic wrap to make everything safer and easier. The best thing about plastic wrap is that it sticks to itself and will not leave any residue on the delicate finish of your items.


Bubble wrap

Another way that movers will protect your things during the relocation is through the usage of lots of bubble wrap. Bubble wrap is arguably the best protective material for packing any delicate, fragile and highly breakable items around your house.

Professional packing teams will wrap all of your electronic devices in bubble wrap to protect them. All breakable and valuable items will also be bubble wrapped accordingly. The air-filled plastic bubbles will also do a fantastic job as padding material inside cardboard boxes.

Most movers are experts at knowing when and how much bubble wrap to use when packing your fragile things. There is no such thing as using too much bubble wrap. Sometimes some delicate furniture surfaces will not able to breathe when wrapped in the protective plastic wrap.


Moving blankets

If you have ever seen moving teams work, you will have noticed the signature blankets that they use all the time to protect all kinds of furniture and large appliances. Those blankets provide excellent protection and speed up packing.

Professional packing teams will use plenty of blankets to protect your furniture because they will let air circulate around the furniture while adding a protective layer at the same time.


Specialty boxes

The best thing about hiring full-service moving teams is that they have access to special packing materials and moving equipment which should provide the highest level of protection to your valuable belongings.

In addition to the standard moving boxes, professional packing crews can also provide:

  • Wardrobe boxes: Tall cardboard boxes with a metal rack at the top for storing hanging clothes. Wardrobe boxes are a great way to keep expensive designer clothes from getting damaged during the move.
  • Picture boxes: Picture boxes can fit your framed artwork, thereby providing excellent protection by immobilizing and padding your pictures, mirrors, and paintings.
  • Dish boxes: These boxes are made of double-layered corrugated cardboard that is thicker and stronger than regular cardboard, thus providing much better protection for your breakable objects like china plates, glasses, etc.


Hand trucks

These are quality moving dollies that will contribute the most to a fast and safe move. Both the appliance dolly and the furniture dolly will not only make the whole process more efficient, but will protect your large and heavy furniture when being moved from your home to the truck, then loaded into the vehicle, and finally, transported to your new residence.

Furthermore, the soft rubber wheels of high-quality moving dollies will prevent damage to the floors of both of your homes. Moving dollies are often indispensable during a move, and by hiring professional movers who know how to operate them correctly, you will save the expense of having to rent or purchase them yourself.


How will movers protect your things during the move?

Professional moving teams that are both reputable and dependable are professionals who have been trained to be able to know what to do on moving day and do it quickly and safely as well. The many years of experience will help these moving experts know what works and what does not.

So, if you are anxious that you will not be able to keep all of your valuable household items safe when handling the move all by yourself, then think about hiring professional movers to help you move them. Now that you have read these 7 things movers will use to protect your things during the move, why not get a free quote from a top-rated pre-screened professional moving company such as Cross Country Movers Group and get the best possible protection for your things.

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