6 things to do when packing your DVDs, CDs, and video games when movingWhile digital media continues to become more popular, there are still a lot of people who still own physical copies of their favorite movies, music, and video games. To pack these, you will need moving boxes, packing paper, packing tape and a marker.

Here are 6 things that to do when packing your DVDs, CDs, and video games when moving to help you pack your disc collection correctly for moving so that it gets to your new place safely:

  1. Sort your CDs into stacks: Separate your CD cases into stacks so that they are easier to grab and pack into the box.
  2. Line the box with packing paper: Fold a few sheets of packing paper in half twice and put it into the box to add extra protection.
  3. Pack your CDs into a box with the spine up: We recommend that you pack your CDs with the spine up which will help you fit more of your CDs into the box. Pack larger-sized things first and smaller-sized items last to maximize space within the box. If there are any empty spaces between the first layer of disks, fill it with crushed packing paper.
  4. Add a second layer of protection: If you have more CDs to add to the box, first put down a folded sheet of packing paper to separate the layers, then continue adding things to the box, remember to pack keeping the spine up.
  5. Fill all empty spaces with crushed packing paper: When the box is full, fill any and all gaps with crushed packing paper to provide your items with a snug fit.
  6. Close, secure, and mark the moving box: Mark the box noting the contents in it and make sure that you mark it as fragile. Because of their fragility, it is best to pack your DVDs, CDs, and video games last in the moving truck and make sure that no other boxes are placed on top.


If you have loose DVDs, CDs, or video games, consider putting them into a CD box, or purchasing separate CD boxes for each item. If you choose the CD case with sleeves, place it into the box standing up, not lying flat. If you select individual CD cases for each CD, pack them into the box with the spine up.

Now that you have read these 6 things to do when packing your DVDs, CDs, and video games when moving, we hope that get your CDs to your new home safely. If you are searching for a professional moving company that can help you to move to your new home, then look no further than Cross Country Movers Group, which is one of the best moving companies in the US.

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