Now that you’ve decided on moving to another place, perhaps even moving to another state, you’re probably concerned about your entire relocation process and the moving mistakes you should worry about. As there are so many different parts of the relocation that you’ll now have to handle, everything must seem very overwhelming. But don’t let the stress get to you, however daunting it may seem, with the right amount of preparation and good moving tips, you won’t have to worry about anything. Among the best moving tips that you can get might be what not do, that is, to be aware of the most common moving mistakes. Which is why Cross Country Movers Group has prepared some basic info on 6 common moving mistakes to avoid, that you should read before starting your relocation.

1)  Preparation is key

As the old saying goes “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, which is why you should begin your move by planning out everything. Before you do anything else regarding your relocation, create a moving plan, and think of all the tasks that you’ll have to accomplish for a smooth relocation. Then create a moving checklist, which will help with keeping track of all the steps of your relocation process. Failing to organize your entire move properly can only bring you stress and create problems down the line. So make sure that you have at least a basic plan for your entire relocation, before getting started to avoid the moving mistake of moving unprepared.

2)  Doing everything by yourself

Even though moving by yourself might seem like the most cost-effective way of handling your relocation, it doesn’t always turn out as promising as it looks from the get-go. The entire relocation process can be very time-consuming, tiring and not to mention, expensive. Not only are there many expenses that people forget about when doing a solo move, you should also consider the safety of all of your belongings. Hiring professional movers might seem too expensive, but it’s almost always worth the money. Don’t forget that you don’t have to hire professionals for the entire moving process. You can choose specifically which moving services you need. Say if you only want them to do the packing, or handle the auto transport for you.

3)  Do the research before hiring professional movers

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If you’ve already decided that you’re going to hire a professional moving company for the job, don’t just go and hire the first movers that you run into. There are numerous moving companies out there, and you should aim for just the right movers who can tackle your relocation. So ask around, do some research online, read the reviews left by the companies’ previous customers, and find a couple of moving companies which suit your needs. Then you should consider giving them a call, to learn more about their moving services, and if they can handle your relocation specifically. If you’d like to read about US moving companies, we recommend the American Moving and Storage Association’s website.

4)  Too attached to belongings you don’t need anymore

           Over the years in your previous home, you must have collected a large number of possessions. Plenty of which you surely don’t need or don’t use anymore, but they’re your belongings, you don’t want to throw them away, you might use them eventually. Well, moving is the best time to go through all of your belongings, find items you haven’t used in years or don’t plan to use in the future, and get rid of them. Take the time to do this, and not only will you save yourself a lot of time, but money as well. As it will cost you more to prepare and pack all of the items for your move. No matter if you’re doing the packing yourself, or hiring a professional moving company to do the packing for you. You don’t have to throw your items away, consider selling them or giving them away.

5)  Keeping track of your expenses

           A very important part of making any relocation go smoothly is your moving budget. Losing track of your expenses is among the most common moving mistakes, which can prove very costly. You should plan your costs and expenses long before you even think about starting your relocation. You can never be completely aware of how much the move will cost you, but you can get a general idea of how much you can spend. The best way of going about it is by getting a moving quote from your movers. You shouldn’t be afraid to get numerous moving quotes from different moving companies before you even choose which movers are right for you. Once you have a general idea of your moving budget, you won’t have to worry about any additional expenses surprising you during your relocation.

6)  Give yourself enough time

           It’s very easy for the entire relocation process to get out of hand, especially if you’re moving cross country. Which is why you should start organizing your entire relocation and your moving plan long before your moving day arrives. As many parts of the moving process are sure to be very time-consuming. Even when everything goes as close to perfect as possible, some things will take a little longer to take care of than you might have thought. In the worst-case scenario, many things will go awry, but you’ll have the time to calmly take care of the issues. So take all the extra time that you can get, plan ahead, and you’ll avoid the stress of having to rush things to make sure that everything is going according to plan.

If you don’t want to bother with the organization of your relocation process, don’t have the time to do it, or would just prefer it done by a reliable moving company, you should consider hiring Cross Country Movers Group. We’re among the best moving companies in the business, and we can provide you with some of the best moving services, both from a price and from a quality standpoint. So you won’t have to worry about any part of the relocation, knowing that our professional movers are taking care of it. If you’ve got any questions or if you’d like to learn more, feel free to contact Cross Country Movers Group.

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