Hiring a professional mover is the most recommended approach to moving. By just calling a mover, you may think all you have to do is go to your new home. Of course, there are things that you need to expect from movers. You need to know the things that only movers know about so you won’t have any surprises later.

There are many things that movers do on a day to day basis when you sign a contract with them to move your belongings. To give you an idea, here are the 33 things only movers do:

1. Have Your Things Insured

Even before you call them, make sure your belongings are insured. You can either do this with your personal insurance company or sign up with a moving company, as sometimes this is an offered service.

2. Ask For Your Details

Do not hesitate to provide them the necessary details of your address and include any important contact details.

3. Determine the Schedule

You should let them know when you are planning to move, and they will immediately let you know about their availability.

4. Inform Their Arrival

Unlike postal service personnel who simply drop a package without being noticed, movers will let you know before they arrive or upon arriving at your place. It is advisable that you are there at home at the time they come.

5. Sign Documents

Typically, you will have to go to their office to sign a contract with them. If you have contacted the movers on the internet, they will either make you sign a contract online and make a deposit with your credit card, or they may have you sign the contract in person going over any other important details.

6. Inspect Your Home

This is something that is done very quickly. The inspection doesn’t have to be a thorough one because it is done on the spot. They look around your home, so they quickly get an idea how they will sort out things. Sometimes they will make a diagram or take pictures, so they can look at how they can tackle furniture and entry ways.

7. Ask For More Instructions

After doing an on the spot inspection, they will ask you if you have further instructions. This is a very important task because this is your chance to tell them if there are things you would not like to deal with such as antiques or anything else you would personally like to move with you.

8. Pack Your Things

Keep in mind that movers will pack all the things they see as per your instructions. They will even pack your pantry items, so it might be a good idea to either pack these yourself or tell them to pack these items last.

9. Provide Boxes

Movers will provide the boxes you need for your move as it is typically part of the package you choose. It’s up to you to ask about these things with the moving company.

10. Segregate Things

Movers don’t just pack your things with boxes. They know where to put them according to classifications. Toxic materials are not mixed with food. Heavy things are separated from fragile ones. They also have packaging for precious things as they will use bubble wrap and mark the boxes that are important.

11. Handle with Care

All your things are treated by movers as precious things. Even your least important items are handled with care, as though they are diamonds.

12. Remind You About Your Schedule

Movers will remind you that they will come during a particular time and give you a ring before they come. They want the move to go as smoothly as possible.

13. Carry Your Waste

Yes, that’s right. They will also move your waste. This is because they treat all that you have in your home as important things. Therefore, it is up to you to eliminate them before moving. They will move broken toys and even waste packaging.

14. Move Quickly

This is what you should expect. Movers move quickly because time is also precious for you and for them. Although they handle everything with care, sometimes accidents happen. It’s best you have such things with you if you don’t want them to be replaced by insurance.

15. Move Your Car

A lot of the time this is a valuable option. If you have more than one vehicle and don’t have another driver, they can load it on a truck or haul it behind one of the moving trucks. Certain companies also offer to drive the vehicle to the destination under their own insurance.

16. Communicate with You

Movers are not robots that simply move your things with or without your instructions. Don’t worry. They will communicate with you. In fact, they may keep on asking for some questions while moving if necessary.

17. Load Things Systematically

After packing all your things, they will not just load them in their vehicle. They organize them so they are easily packed and unpacked to their new destination.

18. Protect Your Things

While driving their way to your new home, they are busy protecting all your things.

19. Drive Carefully

Don’t worry about how they bring your things to the destination. Movers drive carefully. They drive slowly if necessary.

20. Check Everything

Your new place may be far. From time to time, movers stop and check everything to see if things are still intact.

21. Choose the Best Route

Movers typically know the best route to get to a destination. Thanks to GPS, movers can quickly navigate to get your belongings to your new home quickly.

22. Have Meals Along the Way

If your destination is too far especially if it takes several days or weeks to get there, movers also have their meals along the way. Of course, they are human, and they need them to fuel themselves. They need to have lunch along the way, so don’t be surprised if they stop to do so.

23. Repair Broken Things

Accidental damage cannot be avoided as it happens time to time. If it happens in the course of moving, movers will do their best to fix things that they can fix themselves if you ask them too. If the damage is irreparable, they typically have insurance from your agreement.

24. Theft or Accidents

In the worst-case scenario, movers may encounter parking somewhere for the night and having someone break into their moving truck. This is extremely unlikely, but it could happen. The same goes for the probability of getting in an accident while they are moving your belongings. This is why it’s important to get insurance.

25. Wait for You

If they arrive at the destination without finding you there, they will wait for you. They will sometimes call you to confirm everything, so it is best that you are there, too.

26. Inspect Your New Place

Upon arriving at your new home, movers will quickly inspect it to find out how and where everything must be put quickly.

27. Unload Things Systematically

Movers know what to do, so they also have an efficient system to unload your things from their vehicle right to your new home.

28. Unpack Things One by One

After unloading, they will unpack things one by one including your breakfast that you have not yet eaten.

29. Move Quietly

Movers know that your neighbors need respect. They move in a manner so they don’t disturb your neighbors.

30. Put Things where You Want Them

Movers will ask about your new home and where you would like specific items.

31. Get Moving Equipment Back

After everything has been moved, the movers will collect back any material that was provided by the moving company.

32. Check for Damage

Before they leave, movers check everything to make sure there is no damage to your belongings. Typically, this will be in the contract to check to make sure everything is ok. Once the movers leave and if you do find something, they are typically not liable. It’s best to check out the small print on your moving contract.

33. Leave as They Arrive

The exact number and order things when movers arrive at your previous home will be the same as when they leave. This is their service standard.


Now you know the only things that movers do. You won’t be surprised when you observe such things. Moreover, you can also prepare well and determine what you should and should not necessarily do when moving.

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