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Are you planning on relocating soon? Then learning who to notify when moving should be on your checklist. Since it’s easy to lose track of your tasks when you’re in the chaos of moving across the country, we made a list of people, companies, and organizations that must be informed you are relocating.

Relocating is a mess, no matter if you’re relocating last minute or you started learning how to prepare for a move on time. You might be holding all strings in one moment and find yourself utterly hopeless in another. If you wish to have a stress-free relocation, make sure you avoid one of the most common relocation mistakes people make before coming to a new city – be sure you learn how to change your address when you move and inform all of the following organizations and institutions.

The First on Your List of Who to Notify When Moving Should Be the US Post Office

This institution is the most important one on your list, and it will take you only minutes to finish everything. That way, you’ll avoid chasing your mail in your old state, and you won’t have to worry that someone might have gotten your bills or personal letters. If the old tenants forgot to update their information, you’ll have to learn how to stop getting mail for previous residents as well.

What Is the Best Way to Notify of an Address Change?

Visiting the USPS website is the best way to notify of a change of address – it’s safe and straightforward. You’ll find the official USPS guide on changing your address where you just enter your contact information and the date when the post office should start forwarding your mail to your new home. If you don’t prefer doing this online, you can also visit your local post office and inform them that you are relocating.

When Should You Change Your Address When Moving?

The most common answer to this question is two weeks before the move, but according to the USPS, it will depend on the type of relocation. If you have a temporary move, the minimum length of time to file for an update is 15 days. On the flip side, if you’re making a photo inventory and you’re preparing your home for sale because you don’t plan on coming back, you’ll have a bit of a different answer. The date you apply for forwarding your mail mustn’t be more than 30 days after the move or more than three months before the move.

Who to Notify When You Move? Your Employer Must Be Informed on Time

Even if you’re not coming to a big city because you’re relocating for a job, your employer should know that you won’t be living at the same location anymore. Your company should have an accurate ZIP code because of tax documentation and paychecks. However, if you’re planning a move to another city to look for a job, check your contract and see what your notice period is. Also, make sure you leave your company on good terms with everyone. In the video below, you can see how to resign from your job professionally.

Your Utility Providers Are Next on the Checklist of Who to Notify of the Address Change

Do you know how to transfer utilities? If you are relocating for the first time, it’s time to learn. One of the steps to learning how to move efficiently is to cancel your utilities with your current utility provider. That includes water, electricity, gas, internet, cable, garbage, heating, and everything else you pay for in your current home.

Who Should I Inform When I Move House? Call the Utility Company and Set up Everything Before You Arrive

If you don’t want to spend your first day at a new home without water and electricity, one of the crucial relocation tips is to set up all the utilities before you move. First, check if your current utility company covers the state you are relocating to. If that’s the case, you won’t have to look for a new provider. If not, go online and find the best company that can provide you with all the essentials you need. This is also one of the crucial answers to how to organize your move.

Don’t Forget About Tax Agencies

The IRS also must be informed that you are planning on relocating to a new state. There’s the online form 8822 that you can fill out on their website, or you can do it in person. All of the tax returns contain very sensitive information, so make sure that the data stays up to date. If you are relocating during tax season, remember that it can take four to six weeks for the location update request to be fully processed.

Who to Notify of Change of Address? Your Bank and Other Financial Institutions Must Be Informed as Well

Contact your bank, credit card company, and all other institutions that have your information. You can probably let them know online that you are relocating, but if that’s not the case, find time to visit the nearest bank. Updating your new home location with them will ensure that no sensitive documents will be sent to the wrong hands, and you’ll be able to move safely.

Get in Touch With All the Insurance Providers

No matter how many forms of insurance you have, all of them must be updated. Contact all the agencies such as health, dental, life, renter’s, or home insurance and inform them that you won’t be living in the same house anymore. Updating these policies will allow you to file a claim if something happens as soon as you relocate.

The Car Insurance Company Is Also on the Checklist of Who to Notify When Moving

When thinking about the change of address and who to notify, you shouldn’t forget about your car insurance agency. Reach out to them to see if they do business in the state you are relocating to and if you can modify your current policy. If they don’t, look for another insurance agency to protect your vehicle. The rates of policies often depend on the ZIP code, so look for the most affordable one before you transport the car from state to state.

If You Have Kids, Contact Their School or Kindergarten

Elementary, high schools, and kindergartens must also know that your kid won’t be attending anymore. You can send them a letter – a formal document that will inform the school that you plan on living in another state and ask for further instructions for the transfer. Keep your message short, informative, and polite. You can mention your reason for relocating, but avoid going into detail.

Contact All the Clubs, Organizations, Magazines, and Newspapers That Send Mail to Your House

Another answer to who gets notified when you change your address should be all the companies that have your information and send you letters or magazines. Check how many companies you have subscribed to and email them or give them a ring. Their customer service will answer you and update the data. Also, if you are a member of some organizations or charities, it would be good to put them on the list of answers to the question when you move, who should you notify. Don’t forget to check the shipping information on any retail stores’ e-commerce websites where you usually shop, such as Amazon and eBay, before they ship you a box to the wrong house.

Last but Not Least, Tell Your Friends and Family That You’ve Decided to Move

This part is pretty self-explanatory, but it’s probably the hardest one. Your closest and dearest people are about to face the fact that you won’t be living nearby anymore, and it can be very upsetting. It would be best to talk in person with everyone you find dear, but since moving cross country can be very hectic, you probably won’t have enough time for that. You can start notifying everyone weeks ahead and have a cup of coffee with them, or you can throw a big dinner party at your place and invite them all. Whatever you decide, saying goodbye to people you love should be on your moving-out list if you wish to keep them in your life.

Your Family Will Probably Be Your Biggest Supporters

Stress is unavoidable when it comes to relocating to another state, but finding support in the people you care about will make everything easier. Regardless of whether you are relocating for love or making a college packing list, your family members will be your support. If needed, they can also help you get packing materials for relocation and figure out how many boxes you need. It will mean a lot when preparing for cross country movers, while you’ll be able to focus on other relocation tasks, such as learning what you need to rent an apartment or perhaps how to save money on relocation costs.

Hiring a Professional Cross Country Moving Company Will Decrease the Amount of Stress

It’s no wonder that relocating cross country is one of the most stressful events in life. Even with cross-country moving services, you’ll have loads of tasks and responsibilities, and it can often be very hard to handle. With all the obligations you have, knowing that many things can go wrong can only increase your stress levels. One of the best ways to stay sane and organized is to hire a reputable cross-country movers group and have them do all the work. Professional movers will know how to handle any item, no matter how big or heavy it is. They can also provide you with many more services such as auto transport in case you plan on shipping your vehicle with you. They also offer impeccable packing services, and you can leave your belongings in their storage unit in case you need to. Do good market research and pick the best licensed company for your upcoming move.

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Moving through the Bay Area, Michael works as a freelance writer in the moving and transportation industry.

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