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5 Tips on How to Pack Books for Moving

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If you are wondering how to pack books for moving, the answer is – easily. You will need good-quality boxes, wrapping paper, tape, and a marker. It would nice if you gave yourself some time to decide what publications you are going to keep and what you are giving away. As a little help, we present to you five simple tips that could help you in the process of packing.

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1. Start by Sorting Books into Categories

When you start preparing for the move, don’t forget to carefully examine your editions and decide which ones you are going to keep, and which ones you are leaving behind. Those who consider themselves book enthusiasts know a book’s real value, and it is hard for them to separate from any of them.

However, when you know how difficult it can be to pack for the move, and that you have to be efficient and focused on priorities, it is best to say goodby to some items that could be time- and space-consuming.

Even when you decide not to take a book to your future home, it does not mean that you have to throw it away. You can organize a book sale or donate all those titles that you are not attached to. The point is that, when you sell unwanted items, they will go to another home and make someone else happy. Sounds pretty good to us.

Books Left Behind Can Be Sold or Donated

After you have sorted publications into piles – to sell and to donate, you can organize a book sale and earn some extra money. Depending on the book you are planning to sell, you could add quite a lot of money to your budget.

On the other hand, all the editions you don’t manage to sell, and all the ones initially put into the donation pile, you can take to a charitable organization such as Kids Need to Read. You can also visit a school, church, neighborhood library, or used-books retail to see if they would like to take your editions.

2. Find out What the Best Size Boxes for Packing and Moving Your Favorite Publications Are

If you want to avoid moving mistakes, you should think about every detail. Therefore, the publications you have decided to keep should be packed in good-quality boxes. It does not mean that boxes must be new, but they should be strong enough to hold the weight, clean, and dry, so as to avoid damage to your favorite editions. Also, buy packing tape to seal each box and a marker to label them.

The Best Way to Prepare Boxes for Packing Books

If you are wondering how to save money on moving costs, consider using recycled boxes. In this case, make sure to tape the bottom a couple of times so that they can hold the weight. On the other hand, if you choose new boxes, first you will have to put them together and then seal the bottom with a double layer of tape.

3. How to Pack Hardcover Editions

You can sort hardcover editions by placing them in the box standing upright, just how you put them on the shelf. If you want to avoid an accident, the following tips will help you pack your hardcovers:

  • Wrap each hardcover edition in packing paper before placing it in the box.
  • If you have titles of high value or some family albums you wouldn’t like to damage, make sure to put stiff cardboard between each volume to prevent any movement and to keep the spines straight. Also, each book should be protected with paper and, if you think that’s necessary, with a layer of bubble wrap used to line the box.
  • Less valuable hardcovers could be stacked and packed flat.

Tips for How to Pack Paperbacks

Paperback editions, like ordinary hardcover editions, can be packed flat and stacked. However, if you want that paper edges face up, you can pack them spine first. To prevent any harm, do not stack them with spines up and paper edges facing down. It could cause pages to bend and covers to warp.

4. How to Transport Books Without Damaging Them

If you’re using a van or a truck to transport your belongings, you should put boxes with books on the floor of the vehicle. Try not to stack them if you haven’t secured them against tipping. Keep in mind that they are heavy, and if they can topple, they can damage or break your other belongings.

But First, Secure Each Book

Before you tape the box, don’t forget to use wadded paper to fill the remaining space. Remember, your editions can shift quickly during the move and cause damage. When you close the box, tape it, and label it “Books.” In case you are using recycled ones, don’t forget to cross out previous markings, so there is no confusion about the content.

5. If You Have to Use Storage

Even if you don’t want to move your editions right away, you can consider storing them. That way, you will know that your beloved publications are safe and well-protected.

You Can Use Storage If Moving Books Is Not a Priority

If you decide to store your favorite titles for a long time, choose the storage facility that is clean and dry. Keep in mind that if titles are of high value, instead of using packing paper, you should use the acid-free one to wrap them. The acid-free sheets are a better option because it does not deteriorate, and it won’t turn yellow over time.

Last but Not Least

As you can see, your favorite editions, like any other item, should be well-protected and secured when packed for the move. To avoid worrying about your beloved publications, you should contact a reliable moving company and ask them about their packing and moving services. That way, once you move into your new home, you can continue to enjoy the stories inside your favorite covers.

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