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The Ultimate Moving Out List for Your Apartment

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The most important thing when relocating is to start on time and write a moving out list. Since you are going through your first long-distance relocation, you’re going to need a proper guide. That is why we have gathered the list of most important things that should be written on your checklist.

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How Much Should You Save Before Moving Out to a New Apartment

Living with parents provides financial safety, but living on your own will require basic budget understanding. When moving out for the first time, you should consider saving at least three months of expenses. First, decide where you want to move and research the cost of living in that city or a country. It would be good to find a job a couple of months before relocation so that you can start saving up. You’re going to need it for hiring movers, first-month rent, and living expenses, but also auto transport service. Be sure to check for some tips on how to save money on moving costs.

How do I Prepare to Move Out for the First Time

Apart from figuring out the budget, you should keep in mind a couple of other things. Start planning your relocation in advance and make a checklist of things that needs to be done. Always have this list with you to avoid some common moving mistakeslike forgetting to pack essential items or changing the address. While we’re at it, be sure to do research on how to change your address when you move. Let’s get into the practical part of the task now.

Put These Bathroom Essentials on Your Moving Out List

Apart from the basic toiletries like toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, body wash, and soap, you must not forget other items that will keep your bathroom functional and organized.

Shower Curtain and Bath Towels

After a long and hard-working day of the relocation, you’ll want to take a shower. Remember to bring shower curtains to avoid ruining your new apartment floors. On the other hand, if you save up enough money, you can treat yourself with luxurious towels that match the color of your bathroom interior.

Toilet Plunger, Scrubber, and Other Cleaning Supplies

Remember to bring a toilet plunger and scrubber to keep the bathroom clean at your brand-new apartment. Other cleaning supplies, like anti-bacterial wipes and rubber gloves, will come in handy not only for the bathroom but also for the rest of your place.

Toiletries Storage Solutions

Before you settle, take a look at some storage ideas to help you figure out what kind of drawers or shelves you want to acquire for the toiletries. From rolling cart, plastic drawers to entire cabinets, the choice is yours.

Other Room Essentials You Should Write on Your Checklist

Apart from equipping your bathroom, you’ll need a guide for essential things you should acquire or purchase for other living spaces. Keep reading and you’ll be ready to embark on your journey.

Equip the Bedroom With Necessary Things

We will argue that the bedroom is a crucial room in the apartment. When you think of it, even if you just use your bedroom for sleep, you still spend half your life in it. What’s more, that time of your sleep basically determines the quality of the day you are going to have when you wake up. You must make that space as cozy as possible. Besides the comfortable bed, remember to equip the room with a desk, reading lamp, alarm clock, pillows, sheets, and window curtains. If you need additional storage, make sure to buy a bed with extra storage beneath where you can place books or other belongings. When you finish with these necessities, you can start thinking about decoration.

Prepare the Kitchen With a Few Essentials

Apart from the kitchen table and chairs, you’re going to need some kitchenware. If you want to start preparing your meals, be sure to purchase a full set of dishes, pots, and pans. If you are planning to host larger parties in the future, be sure to acquire double. Don’t forget some essential kitchen tools if you are planning to cook a lot in your apartment:

  • Cutting knives of various sizes;
  • Cutting boards;
  • Wax paper and parchment paper;
  • Aluminum foil;
  • Measuring cups, blender, toaster;
  • Spatula and whisk;
  • Bottle and can opener;
  • Coffee pot.

Furnish Your Living Room With Essentials

You don’t need to equip your living space in full right away. Purchase or move some essentials like a comfortable sofa, coffee table, additional lighting, and TV with the stand. Also, be sure to know how to pack electronics for moving. Later on, you’ll furnish your living space with houseplants, artwork, and rugs, making your living room a perfect place to relax and host your friends.

Some Additional Tips You Should Know

To be fully prepared for your first relocation, follow these moving tips to make your move less stressful later:

  • Be sure to bring the first-aid kit with you;
  • Acquire a double set of keys just in case;
  • Ask your neighbors when are trash and recycling pickup days;
  • Check roommate websites to find a pal who will share expenses;
  • If you are moving in with a roommate, check in advance what they are buying;
  • When purchasing furniture and other things, be sure to look for bargains and second-hand items;
  • Declutter your home and sell unwanted items;
  • Be sure to know how to transfer utilities in advance;
  • Moving furniture and other moving-related things can be done smoothly with professional moving services.

Ask Your Landlord About Moving Truck Access

Remember to contact your landlord a couple of days before relocation and check if a moving truck can be parked on the street or in the parking lot during a move. You should know that some cities require appropriate notification beforehand.

You’re Ready to Embark on This Adventure

Embarking on a new adventure and settling for the first time in a new apartment is exhilarating, but don’t let the excitement carry you away. There’s plenty to do, but all can be done smoothly if you write a checklist and stick to the plan. Finally, take a look around your current home and see if something might be useful at your new place. You don’t need to buy everything new, especially at the beginning. Some items can be transported from your current home; they just need proper packing in order to arrive safely at your home.

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