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What Are the Most Common Reasons to Move

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Relocation from one state to another is an everyday event in the US. There are many reasons to move, like better job opportunities, change of marital status, or searching for a more child-friendly place. If you are wondering whether to relocate cross country right now, take a look at our list of reasons to move and see if you fit into some categories.

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House-Related Reasons to Move

Many people move to a different house because the current one no longer meets their preferences or requirements. Many of them want a long-term solution, so they will concentrate on finding an affordable home. Moving to the suburbs is a solution for others who wish to ensure their children’s well-being, and suburbs are usually safe and family-oriented places. Keep reading to discover other most common house-related reasons to move.

Moving When Home Becomes Too Small or Too Big

Having a smaller residence can become a problem if you want to start a family or when your kids grow older. When children enter puberty, they will need separate space to feel comfortable. Also, a separate room will give them peace for studying. Relocate to a bigger home, and you’ll have more storage space, a larger yard, and taller ceilings.

Believe it or not, relocating to a smaller place is also very common. This usually happens when a family realizes that there’s just too much storage and unused space and cannot maintain such a large household. Relocation to a smaller place is inevitable when children move away or when the expenses of running a household can no longer be afforded.

A Desire for a Better Home

It’s in our human nature to desire better things. In this case, we do our best to save enough money and upgrade to a better home. Whether you prefer a specific design or want to live in a newly-built place, you’ll work hard to afford it.

Searching For a Better Neighborhood Across the Country

Maybe you don’t want to change homes but find a greener, safer, and more pleasant neighborhood with friendly and more welcoming faces. People will always do their best to find places with better infrastructure, easy access to medical care, excellent schools, and exciting entertainment venues. In short, safe and family-friendly areas. Some maybe have problems with unpleasant and conflict-seeking neighbors, and not trusting them will push people away. They will sometimes go cross country yearning just to meet new neighbors.

Changing Personal Relationships

Changing the marital status and other family-related causes are the second most common reason for relocation. Whether you are about to marry, get a divorce, move in with a boyfriend/girlfriend, or split with one, you’ll probably search for a different place.

Changing Marital Status

Newlyweds relocate to a new residence because they plan to start a family and set up a household. For starters, some of them will move to their partner’s apartment. However, it doesn’t matter if they had already lived together before they married, newlyweds will undoubtedly look for a house in a family-oriented place, even if that means that they have to search for it in another state. A bigger place is also something young married couples prefer because they usually wish to start adding members to their family. Moving to a small town is something they often opt for.

If a couple gets a divorce, they will probably both move to separate apartments or smaller homes because they usually aren’t able to afford a large property with a single income.

Moving in With a Partner

Moving for love is very common. If a couple has been together for a long time, they will probably decide to live in the same apartment. On the other hand, being in a long-distance relationship is hard, so a couple will more often than not choose to live together eventually. However, pursuing a romantic relationship won’t always end successfully. Therefore, a breakup will also lead to a change of residence.

Following a Partner or a Spouse

If a partner or a spouse needs to relocate for a career, education, or any other reason, the other half probably won’t have another choice but to follow her or him to a different place. Leaving your life and loved ones is difficult, but the support one’s partner or a spouse gives by relocating with them is immensely important. Both of you will soon start making friends in a new city and build a home of your dreams.

Searching for the Finest Educational Opportunities

All parents want to find the best schools for their children. To achieve that, they are ready to make a big step and move long-distance, to a city that offers excellent educational opportunities. In that situation, parents will do their best to research the destination city and find areas or school districts that provide the most outstanding schools that offer innovative and efficient teachings. Such research is important because most schools belong to specific zones. This means that the family must live within the right zone to be able to send their children to a preferred school.

Finding a Neighborhood That Children Like

Finding a place with exceptional educational opportunities is very important to young parents. However, they will also carefully search across the states to pick child-friendly cities and neighborhoods that their kids will like. Moving with a toddler or younger kids will require adapting, but if the place has plenty of parks and playgrounds, the little ones will love it.

Relocating to a New Home for Better Career Opportunities

There are a couple of reasons to move that are related to work. People are moving to another state alone, willing to settle across the country to find a better job. Here are some common situations:

  • New job: A person often moves to a different area to pursue a professional career. It can often happen that you cannot find the appropriate employment in your current area. Therefore you’ll naturally travel to a place that can offer better career opportunities. A stable job with an excellent salary and fantastic work conditions will force a person to travel across the country or even to a foreign country to catch such a chance.
  • Corporate transfers: Some companies will send their employees on a particular long-term assignment to another city or even another country. If that happens, the employer should provide all the necessary information about a new location and accommodation there.

How to Find Work in a New City

If you relocate to another state before you have found work, you might find it challenging to find it once you reach your destination. Be sure to search through many job applications that match your criteria. Be flexible with your time after you apply. You must be available at any moment in case you get a call for a job interview.

People Often Move After Retirement

As people get older, they will need specialized medical care, and that’s why they will move into nursing or retirement homes where professionals will look after them. However, retirees regularly decide to move to an area that better suits their needs and preferences. Here are some of the most common ones:

  • Relocation to a safe and peaceful area: After retirement, seniors will search for a place with a friendly community, low crime rate, affordable living costs, beautiful weather, excellent healthcare, and easy access to anything else they might need. One of the options they will certainly consider is a move to the countryside.
  • Relocation to a smaller place: Life in a smaller residence is much safer and cheaper for seniors.
  • Moving closer to children: This option is pretty common, and it benefits both seniors and their grown children. On the one hand, retirees can help raise their grandchildren, while on the other, their family will be able to look after them since they will live nearby.

Relocating Because of Health Issues

Particular health problems can be a trigger for a cross-country move. For example, if a person has respiratory problems, leaving the industrial city for a rural or suburban area can reduce its effects. On the other hand, if the health problem is connected to some physical ailment, a person will move into a one-story house. Sometimes, just changing the climate and relocating to a specific area can show great medical results. Another great option is to move closer to prominent medical centers.

Achieving Personal Dreams or Goals

Some move in order to pursue knowledge, seek adventures, discover themselves, or just achieve some other goal or a dream.

A Touch of Independence

Living in a familiar environment is comforting. However, many young adults will feel the need to experience a life of their own. If you are among them, don’t feel afraid to leave your parents and start experiencing the world on your own. The lesson you’ll learn from this will be a blessing that is hard to come by in any other way.

Moving to Study

To get the most excellent educational opportunities, some will move to a different city or a country. Moving into a college dorm is another way to embark on an exciting adventure, meet people of various backgrounds, and simply have the best college experience.

Learning a Language

Learning a language can be challenging, especially in the later years of our life. However, it’s not impossible, and the best way to acquire a language is to immerse yourself in the culture that speaks it. No lesson will be as efficient as the fact you’ll be forced to practice daily. An excellent way to do this is to study abroad. It’s an excellent opportunity to spend time in a foreign culture and get to know the community that speaks the language you’re learning.

Starting Afresh

Sometimes, people just need a change and to have a fresh start in a city where they don’t know anyone. They might wish to leave their past behind and find a chance to build a new life. To find their purpose, many will move to a different area where they can make friends, explore professional opportunities, or discover fresh hobbies.

Follow These Tips If You Decide to Move Cross Country

If you have found yourself in some of the mentioned reasons to move, be sure to follow these moving tips to make your relocation smooth and efficient:

  • Do your research on public transport. If it’s not very efficient, you have the option of hiring auto transport services and use your own vehicle in a new place
  • If possible, look for an apartment or a house in person
  • Be sure to rent the apartment first before you commit yourself to any long-term solution
  • When you decide about the location, do in-depth research by talking with the residents, or reading local blogs
  • Hire long-distance moving services that offer packing and storage
  • Organize your relocation with to-do checklists to help you keep everything on track
  • Get a quote from the movers you chose to know how much money you’ll need for relocation
  • When you settle in, take some time to meet people, visit local restaurants, and learn about the area as much as possible. Remember to accept invitations by coworkers and integrate into a new community

That’s about all the most common reasons why folks decide to relocate. If you are in a situation that requires you to change homes, fear not. It might just be the best adventure of your lifetime.

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