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5 Best Roommate Websites For You to Check Out

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Have you decided that it’s time to move out and start living on your own? Perhaps you’ve found an excellent job, but you still might not have the means to fully support yourself? That’s why looking for the best roommate websites to find people to share the rent with might be a very smart move.

You’re not the only young professional out there that’s on the search for an ideal roommate to share housing costs. You’ll be wondering what do you need to rent an apartment, and will have a lot of other questions that need answers. But, going with the first person you come across could easily turn into a nightmare. Minimize the risks of sharing a life with the wrong person by checking out some of the best roommate websites we selected for you.

Looking on Craigslist Is a Tried and Tested Way to Go About It

You can’t go much wrong with Craigslist, and it should be where you start your search for a roommate. It’s the largest online classified section in the world, and a perfect place to find a person that could be the right match for you. You can start looking at the listings already posted there, and you can create your own as well. Be sure to prioritize listings that are high quality and to do your research before you make any final decisions. For example, a good listing is one that is detailed and straightforward about what the person is looking for, and that’s exactly how you should create your own listing. You should, of course, watch out for scams and be sure to meet the potential roommate in person before you decide to move in together.

Roomster Has a Large Database, Which Is Perfect If You’re Moving in a Hurry

Whether you’re moving to another state or just to a town over, Roomster is one of the most useful websites you should know about. It has countless listings all over the country, and a variety of search options that can help you in optimizing your quest.

You can look for potential roommates, open rooms that you can rent as well as find a tenant if you’re the one with extra space. If you enjoy lurking on Facebook or Instagram for hours on end, Roomster may just be the perfect website for you, and making a test account is free. You can also link up your other social media profiles, which makes it easier to find out more about the person that seems suitable in the first place.

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You Won’t Have to Worry About Privacy or Scammers on Roomi

This is another roommate finder similar to a dating app that can be very helpful. The app is available on both Android and iOS, which makes it easy and simple to use on the go. You won’t have any trouble going through the listings, and it’s quite secure. It’s actually famous for its security, with various background checks that are done by actual people instead of a program. Your personal data will be protected and you won’t have to worry about any bots, scams, and spam that you may run into if you go with a lower quality app. You can create an account on Roomi for free but will have to upgrade your free account if you want to improve your exposure. It covers most of the major US cities and regions, as well as some in India and Canada.

Make a Free Account on Roomiematch.com and Avoid Spambots

Roomiematch is also among the best roommate finding websites out there if you want to find someone who will match your personality. This is one of the most important things that you should be looking for if you’re going to share rent with someone. Not only will you share the costs, but you’ll have to get accustomed to living together with your potential roommates, as well. Submissions to Roomiematch.com are also checked by actual people to prevent spambots and scams. It’s also free to create a new account there, like many other websites, while an upgraded account option is available for $19.95 for up to a year.

Spareroom Makes Meeting Potential Roommates in Person a Fun Experience

Spareroom takes an interesting approach when it comes to finding roommates to live with. Like many of the other apps, you can also personalize your listing so that the others who are searching can find out more about you. This way, living together will be much easier to handle. But, where Spareroom takes it to another level is Speedflatmating. This is a free social gathering that happens every week in Manhattan and Brooklyn. As its name suggests, you go into a bar, mingle in the crowd, get a couple of drinks, and hopefully find a person that matches your search. Meeting in person will be handled in a fun and interesting environment, making the entire process much easier for everyone involved.

Not a Fan of Classic Roommate Websites ? Turn to the Good Old Facebook and Reddit

Facebook can be used for more than a background search of the people you’ve found on other websites and apps. Don’t be afraid to let your friends know that you’re looking for a roommate. Maybe you’re moving to a new city where you already have some friends who could help you out. Perhaps there are Facebook groups in that city that could prove useful – you never know until you give it a try. So make use of it before you move on to hire professional packing and moving services.

Facebook – This Is the Safe Way

Finding someone on Facebook is one of the safest ways to go about looking for new roommates. You won’t have to worry about scams, and will have all the information needed to make a good judgment. It’s also important to start networking in case you’re looking for a job in a new city. This is one of the important tips to know if you’re moving for the first time ever.

Tips on Finding a Roommate on Reddit

Reddit is another massive and popular website where you could run into a perfect match. One of the first places you should check is redditroommates, but keep in mind that it won’t be as organized as other professional websites. You can learn a lot on Reddit because many cities have their own subreddits. It’s a great place to find out more about the housing market and the cost of renting. You can make use of this information if you’re already moving on a budget, and remember that you can also sell unwanted items online before the move. Nothing is stopping you from looking up if people are searching for roommates in the city you’re interested in, or, even better, you could start a new thread yourself and wait for the replies.

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