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Pros and Cons of Living in the Countryside

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If you want to remove yourself from the hustle and bustle of a big city, you should consider relocating to a more peaceful and quiet setting. Living in the countryside means that you’ll be surrounded by abundant greenery, serenity, and close-knit community. However, there are pros and cons to moving long-distance and replacing the flashy lights of the urban jungles with the tranquility of a rural environment. That is why we have assembled a list to help you make this significant decision.

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Living in the Countryside Means a Healthy Lifestyle

Among many reasons to move to rural areas is the evermore important search for a healthier lifestyle. The health benefits of living away from urban beehives have been well documented and noted. Life in the village means that there’s no pollution, crowding, and the general stress of a big city. Be sure to read the following practical ways to reduce stress and improve wellbeing in the country:

  • You can enjoy an organic diet that will improve your immune system
  • Maintain a plentiful and rich garden full of vegetation to improve both physical and mental health
  • You’ll be exposed to a natural setting and be able to go out for daily walks in a healthy environment
  • You’ll be exposed to a less polluted area, so be sure to breathe that fresh and clean air.

Healthcare Access Is Limited in Rural Communities

A downside of living in a village-like setting is limited access to healthcare facilities. A healthcare center will probably be far away, and if you or a family member need regular care, you must find a way to access a medical facility quickly. To have a quicker commute in your vehicle, you can book auto shipping services when you move.

Happy Insulation in Rural Places

People often decide to live in an environment that abounds in nature as a way to isolate themselves from the often toxic big-city atmosphere. You will indeed have a couple of neighbors, but you probably won’t live nearby. If you want and when you can, you will enjoy social occasions like local events. For example, moving during the holidays is a perfect opportunity for meeting new people at such gatherings. However, you will also be able to just bask in solitude whenever you need it.

Discipline and Hard Work Are Required in the Country

If you decide to move to the countryside, be ready for disciplined hard work. Most often, people choose to farm and sustain themselves, and if you are thinking about that, prepare yourself for some heavy labor. From shoveling snow and caring about livestock to gardening, there will be many difficult things to be taken care of.

Friendlier Communities and Low Crime Rates

There won’t be many people around, so be sure to meet new neighbors as soon as you settle in. In a small community, people often work together and are there for each other. Since everyone knows each other well, strange activities are more likely to be noticed immediately. There is a small chance for crimes, such as homicide, assault, or theft, to happen in a village.

Make Someone Mad and the Best Thing You Can Do Is to Move to Another Place

If you want to live in a smaller community, you must be aware that insulting even one person means the whole village can turn its back on you. Some may never stop being unfriendly after the incident. Make one person mad, and you might just as well contact your long-distance moving services providers to help you move out of the village to a new place.

The Best Educational Opportunities for Your Children

If you are moving to the suburbs or to a village to start a family and raise your children, you must know that you won’t have many schooling options. However, this should not concern you since some of the best schools are actually in the rural areas. Apart from great educational programs and approachable teachers, there will be a small number of children per class. Therefore teachers have more time to dedicate to each pupil.

Fewer Job Opportunities for You

If you decide to move to a small town, you will notice that there are lower job and career opportunities that follow your chosen career path. Unless you are skillful with farming or already retired, you will have a tough time finding a suitable job. You can find work in the nearby city, but that will probably demand a long commute.

Cheap Living Costs and More Housing Space

If you want to improve your financial situation or save some money, you must consider living in a small town. You will find affordable housing and living expenses. Besides that, you are probably going to find a pretty large house for a considerably low price. This means only two things. First, you can prepare everything you own from your current home for packing, and second, you can get those belongings you left in the storage facilities and find them a new place in your future house. Be sure to check out how to save money on moving costs as well. Remember that you are also going to have a vast yard. Therefore, if you are moving with pets from a small apartment to a big house in the country, your beloved animals will ultimately love the countryside. However, it is not easy to find a suitable country home. Save time by checking out a guide on what to look for when searching for the right property.

Choose Life in the Countryside and Be Prepared for Some Radical Changes

A rural lifestyle is not for everyone, and if you are seriously considering moving to a small town or a village, you should think twice. Hopefully, this article helped you figure out if these pros and cons are something you can handle. Sure you will live in a healthier and natural environment, but if you want to move to such a peaceful area, you must be willing to overcome some challenges as well.

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