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Moving after College – Everything you Need to Know

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Are you soon to be a college graduate? If your answer is yes, we want to congratulate you and say – welcome to the real world! But, before you start exploring it, you should finish a task called moving after college. Now is when we step in to help you go through this process as smoothly as you’ve passed your finals.

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Life After Dorm: Going Back to Your Parents’ Home or Renting an Apartment?

Living in a dorm has a lot of advantages. You have the roof above your head, food on your table, and you have where to study. However, this phase is short-term, so once you graduate, you’ll need a new place to live.

Going back to your parents’ house is one option; renting an apartment is a second. Depending on your financial situation, you can consider finding a reliable roommate to share bills. There are many roommate websites you can visit and see if there’s someone you can share housing with.

Either way, you will need to organize a move, and there is no better way than finding a good company that offers packing and moving services. With help from professionals, you will not have to worry about your belongings, and your mind will be free to dream about all the exciting things that are in front of you.

When the Time Comes for Moving After College, Don’t Make These Mistakes

Graduating from college is a big thing. You’re entering the grownups’ world, and you have to make a lot of decisions. Some of those decisions will have a major impact on your life. To avoid regretting some move you’ve made after graduation, consider looking at the following moving mistakes most graduates make and try not to do the same thing.

Start Living With Your Significant Other

It might sound harsh, but moving in with your significant other, right after graduation, could be a big mistake. You may see it as a good idea because you feel ready to start a new chapter with your loved one, but just think about the combination of emotional stress and worrying about how you will pay the rent and bills if two of you break up.

Therefore, if you plan to move with your loved one just because it is convenient to have someone to split bills and rent, you should not do it. To those who are sure about their decision, we say – go for it! Just make sure to have enough of your means, for rent and bills, just in case.

Feel Scared of Moving Back In With Your (Supportive) Parents

A lot of graduates feel like failures for having to move back in with their parents. Those who wouldn’t like that to happen, start searching for employment in advance. The fortunate ones find a well-paid job right away, while others have to settle with temporary employment.

Though temporary, a full-time job will distract you from seeking employment you’re interested in. That’s why you should not be ashamed of coming back to your parents’ house. Your parents will be supportive, no matter what. Just make sure to use that period at home to look for employment most suitable for your professional growth and independence.

Rush to Relocate to Some Big City

Big city equals big opportunities. Relocating to a big city is a serious decision, and you need a lot of thinking before you say yes to some metropolis. So, the best option is to find employment before you move.

Keep in mind that most graduates don’t find a well-paid job right away, especially in big cities. Even though there is almost a 100% chance that you will find some kind of employment, you certainly don’t want to waste your time struggling with bills.

Panic When Thinking About the Concept of a Real Job

On the other end of the spectrum are those who are delaying their search for employment. It seems like those graduates are scared of the concept of a real job. Unfortunately, they can’t go too long like that, so in one moment they have to settle with any option, in most cases underpaid.

To avoid this kind of situation, start looking for career opportunities before or right after your graduation. Give yourself some time, and if you’re still unemployed after a few months, consider accepting a business offer that’s maybe not your dream work, but, for a start, you’ll earn money and gain some experience.

Refuse to Start a Career in Your Hometown

A lot of graduates think that they should not come back once they’ve moved out of their hometowns. That’s a big mistake. Even though you did not stay in touch with people from your high school or your neighborhood, that doesn’t mean that they don’t care for you.

Going back to your hometown may be the best thing you can do for your career. Renew some old relationships, contact childhood friends and people from your old community, maybe the best professional opportunity is waiting for you there.

Neglect the Benefits of Using the Services of Career Center Within Your College

College’s career center is maybe the first place you should visit to find out more about post-graduation career opportunities. These kinds of centers usually offer their services for free, so all graduates can learn how to write a resume, cover letters, and answer interview questions.

Career centers also have a list of jobs suitable for post-graduates you can check out, as well as the list of companies hiring interns. Don’t neglect the benefits of your college’s career center, going there, you will learn a lot, and maybe open some new doors.

You’re Too Shy to Apply For the Job in Person

Nowadays, to apply to some open job position, you need to submit your resume and a cover letter via email or some employment system. This system of applying has made it easier for the HR departments to choose between candidates, but it is not helpful to those who are looking for employment.

After you have submitted your application, consider applying for the position in person. You can either call the company or visit it. There is a chance that the employer will not be happy to see you, but you shouldn’t think about that because eventually someone will appreciate your visit, and you’ll be called for an interview.

Get Ready, the New Exciting Chapter of You Life Is in Front of You

Though it comes with many responsibilities, adulthood gives you the chance to create and live the life you’ve dreamed of as a child. Just don’t forget about one thing – patience! You don’t have to live in your ideal apartment right away, it takes time and financial means to convert that wish into reality.

You also need some period to get employment that completely suits your ambitions. Meanwhile, you can seek a job that will give you the necessary experience and help you earn some money. Remember, nothing comes overnight, be patient, and good luck!

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