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Bubble Wrap vs Packing Paper – Who Wins the Title of the Best Material?

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In the often murky and cutthroat world of packing materials, two heavyweights are vying for the top spot. Now it’s time to proclaim the winner in the bubble wrap vs packing paper duel. Who’ll win the Supplies Wars?

Bubble Wrap vs Packing Paper – Let the Battle Begin

To make it fairer, we decided to split the competition into categories, so that both contestants can put their best effort. So let’s get on with round one.

Who’s Better at Cushioning and Filling the Void – Bubble Wrap or Packing Paper

The most important step in packing is providing protection for the items. There’s a good use for both our competitors here. Air bubbles do wonders for cushioning. Paper, on the other hand, can act as protection for some items, while at the same time, you can crumble it and fill the voids in the boxes.

Using Them For Fragile Stuff

Moving an entire household means you have to pack lots of glasses and other fragile stuff. Though the air inside bubbles can insulate those delicate objects, it is best to use paper for this occasion. It can be better adjusted to smaller items with different shapes, and it takes less space in the box.

If you want maximum protection for your fragile belongings, consider combining these two fierce rivals to utilize their particular advantages in the best way. First, wrap the breakable object in paper and then apply a couple of layers of bubbles on top of it.

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Moving Electronics

Electronic devices are famous for having a huge number of delicate parts. Therefore, they need absolute protection. It is provided, for starters, by the original box, if you still have it. Then comes the cushioning layer of styrofoam, again – if you still have it. If not, the best you can do is turn to bubble wrap. Such wrapping is the absolute best for transporting electronics; no dilemma.

Which to Use to Pack Flat Surfaces?

When moving, there is an endless supply of things that go into boxes and have flat surfaces. Such items are, for example, plates. Here the point clearly goes to packing paper. Putting it around plates will protect them from friction and damage during the trip. The same goes for books.

It can also be put to good use for photos and even paintings, where it’ll serve as a protective shield against damage and dirt, while it is at the same time easy to remove when the moment for that comes. Its softness and lack of imprint mean that your belongings will come out of the box clean and unsmudged.

Which Material to Apply to Large Items?

Cushioning of bulky things is the undisputed domain of air bubbles. Make a sufficient supply of this material, and you’ll be wrapping everything in it regardless of size and shape. Besides, it can adapt to any circumstance.

Which Is More Eco-Friendly?

Though both are made from recyclable materials, packing paper takes less to make. It wins a point here since it is biodegradable, too.

Miscellaneous Points

In this section, we’ll see some of the less obvious perks of our competitors. For starters, both are reusable. Then, both are soft, and maybe even more importantly, very light, not adding anything to the overall weight of your belongings and boxes. With that in mind, we’ll call it a tie here.

One Clear Point for Bubbles: Fun

When you’re moving, boxes are everywhere. The process of filling them up tends to get tedious. And not just to pack them, but unpack them too, box after box. When you take care of that, or in the midst of the process, you’ll need to relax a bit. And when it comes to relaxing, no material can provide you with so much fun than bubble wrap. Popping air bubbles is fun, but it also relieves stress. That’s probably the best part of the entire relocation. Sitting on a sofa, sipping on a cold beer, and popping bubbles. And if you prepared well, and gathered enough supplies, there’ll be lots of fun.

The Result: Which Is Better to Use for Moving?

So, who wins? Who’ll claim the title of the most exceptional moving material? The competition was fierce, heavy blows were traded, but the verdict is finally in.

Aaaaaand… both of them win!

Indeed, not having vast supplies of both these materials is perhaps the biggest of moving mistakes you can make. They protect your valuable and fragile items, and you can use them as cushioning inside boxes. One of them even gives a good time when all is over.

Luckily, if you opt for hiring professional moving services and packing, the movers will bring them to you. Then you can have peace of mind, whether while unpacking in your new home or with your stuff safely stashed in storage.

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