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How to Use Packing Paper for Moving – Here’s the Answer

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Are you unsure what the best use for packing paper for moving is or wondering where to buy packing paper for moving? To help you out, we’ve made a list of informative answers to some frequently asked questions. It is a highly flexible and essential material that secures your belongings and keeps them from potential harm. For that reason and more, stacking up on packing paper is the first step of how to prepare for a move.

Why Packing Paper for Moving is Essential

This material should be number one on your moving essentials list since it keeps your belongings from being scratched, smashed, or harmed in other ways. By simply coiling it around, you will ensure much safer transportation. That’s especially important when it comes to cross-country moving. It provides extra cushioning when inserted in between things and can be used to fill the empty space inside boxes. It also acts as a shock absorber for heavy objects that can get damaged when moving across the country.

How to Use Sheets of Packing Paper

Depending on their size, these sheets are usually wrapped around delicate objects. For extra protection, smaller items should be wrapped in a single sheet and larger ones in several layers. Since they are quite solid, crumpled sheets provide excellent padding for the bottom of the box and the empty space between them. It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to long-distance moving.

The Best Way to Wrap Each Item

As sticky bubble wrap will adhere to the surface, fragile items must first be covered in wrapping paper. That’s the most practical tip on how to pack glassware, porcelain, and shiny wooden surfaces. You can use either glass wrapping paper or brown/kraft paper. Neither material leaves stains, so they are suitable for fine china and other delicate kitchenware. One more thing, a typical moving mistake, especially when moving state to state, is putting glassware at the foot of the box. Compared to other kitchen items and silverware, they’re much lighter, so they have to be stored on top of the heavier stuff.

Plates and Dishes

If you’re wondering how to pack plates for moving, here’s a step-by-step guideline. Put an individual plate on one sheet and wrap it with paper for packing dishes by folding each corner. Then put another wrapped plate on top and repeat until there is an appropriate amount stacked up to match the size of the box. Next, cover the whole set in numerous layers, folding the edges under the covers. On the bottom of the box, place some crumpled sheets and put the packed plates in an upright position on top of it. Cushion the sides, and place some more crumpled paper on the top to ensure all empty spaces are filled. Finally, close the package and secure it with tape. The same goes for other dishes: place each one in the center, fold the sides of the sheet within the dish, and tuck them in the center. Flip it over and roll it onto another layer, then continue until you’ve stacked enough. Put them in a box, cushioning everything well with crumpled sheets or some other padding, and close the lid.

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What is the Difference Between Regular and Padded Paper?

Your things come in different shapes and sizes, so logically you need different types of packing wrapping paper. Kitchenware, mirrors, and artwork, for instance, should be wrapped in regular wrapping paper to cover their fragile surfaces and protect them from friction and breakage. For heavy-duty protection, bigger items such as appliances, lamps, and electronics are better secured with bubble wrap and padded paper. This combination is also perfect when moving furniture with doors and drawers to prevent them from opening and keep the moisture and debris away. The longer the trip, the higher the risk of damage, so keep that in mind before moving cross country.

How Do I Choose the Best Product?

In this day and age, it would be foolish not to read the reviews left by other consumers. When you’re looking into where to get packing paper, you ought to pay attention to the ratings. The feedback can help you decide which product is best suited for your needs. Obviously, one negative review doesn’t have to be a deal-breaker. Even if you’re worried about how to save money on moving costs since interstate moving is expensive, we advise you not to cut back on materials meant to protect your belongings. Regardless of your insurance policy, you’ll have to replace what’s broken and spend the money anyway.

Does Walmart Sell Packing Paper?

Where can I buy packing paper, you may ask? Well, it’s actually available in Walmart! In case you are worried about the coronavirus outbreak, you can order from their online store. Walmart is well equipped with different kinds of products, from kraft to packing tissue paper, and more. Depending on the brand, the price ranges from $5 to $30. When you order more than $35 worth of items, the shipping is free. If you don’t have that much time before moving cross-country check out the video below to learn about Walmart’s TwoDay Delivery Setup.

What Can I Use Instead of Packing Paper?

Using old newspapers is one of the more practical moving hacks there are. If you can’t acquire wrapping paper for moving, newspapers are an adequate alternative for securing your belongings. Just be careful – the ink can rub off on your stuff, particularly if it gets wet. You wouldn’t want to blemish your expensive china, now, would you? Also, newspapers can lose shape in contact with heavy objects, so make sure to wrap multiple pages around bulkier items. Another nifty protip is using bundles of old clothes to fill the empty space between boxes. Anything from old jeans to ripped shirts will do the trick.

What Other Products Should I Get?

You need to stack up on packing materials for moving. Go to the hardware store and buy bubble wrap, duct tape, different sized boxes, and other supplies. The usual question is “How many moving boxes do I need?” As many as you can get. It is also vital to buy the high-quality tape with strong adhesive, as it is used to both secure the crates and strengthen them.

Moving Companies Can Provide You with Packing Supplies

Reputable long-distance moving companies provide packing supplies, among other services. Hiring a professional cross-country moving group guarantees a stress-free relocation experience. Many companies offer affordable moving services, including packing service, storage service, and auto transport. You can always ask for a free cost estimate from your cross country moving company so you can abide by your moving expenses checklist. If you’re moving to a new city, enlist professional cross-country movers to help you with your relocation. A team of experts will not only supply you with high-quality materials but also show you how to use them most effectively. Whether it’s packing paper or bubble wrap, you can rely on the professional state to state movers for guidance!

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