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Best Tips on How to Pack Glassware for Moving

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Planning to relocate across the country and can’t figure out how to pack glassware for moving? Don’t look any further, because we have the best solutions to your long-distance relocation problems. Follow these simple instructions and have no worries that something will break during the move.

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How to Pack Glassware For Moving Properly – Why Is It Important?

When planning a big relocation, there are a few things one should take into account. Fragile items like glasses are a nightmare for everyone who moves, especially if it’s a long-distance relocation. They break even if you don’t move, let alone if they have to travel across the country for miles in a truck. It would be a shame for your belongings to crack or shatter to pieces just because you changed the place you live in. To avoid such scenarios, especially if you own some valuable glass specimens, make sure that the packing is done right.

However, the chances are that some items might break, not because of the human factor, but by accident, so we’re going to help you to keep everything intact. First, you’ll need to decide what you’re going to move and what will stay. Maybe you’ll even choose to   or put some things away in storage. Whatever the case, once you have the definitive list of the stuff that is going with you, it’s time to start packing!

Following These Instructions Will Make Long-Distance Moving Easier

It’s all about sticking to the right packing steps. If you do everything as stated here, your glasses and other breakable items can and will reach your future home in one piece. Relocation can go smoothly if you employ the right techniques and materials, as you’re now about to see.

Step One: Get the Necessary Packing Supplies

You’ll need boxes in which you will place the items, and all kinds of soft materials to wrap the delicate belongings. Check if you already have some boxes in your home. If not, you can go and buy them or even get them for free. Local shops, liquor stores, and storage facilities may have some spare boxes to give you. Boxes used for liquor bottles are very useful because they’re very firm and durable.

When it comes to cushioning materials, get paper towels, bubble wrap, or anything that will make a safe and comfy bed for glassware. You can also use free alternatives such as newspapers, socks, towels, or any sort of clean cloth that will absorb any possible shocks and impacts during the trip.

Wrap And Protect Your Items the Right Way

When you have all the packing supplies, it’s time to commence the packing process. The main trick is to cover the inside of the box to strengthen the walls and to wrap every single piece of glass or dish in a separate piece of paper, so it doesn’t touch other items. Also, put the protective material into the glass item if it’s hollow. Make sure that the glasses are covered from all angles and don’t put bubble wrap directly on them to avoid cracking. You can use bubble wrap once you cover the glass objects with the paper.

Fill all the gaps in the box with remaining paper or cloth that you can find, so that everything is firmly in place and immobilized. You can even lift the whole package and shake it lightly to check if anything moves or if the glass clinks. The moving truck will travel a long way, and the movers will take care that boxes don’t move inside. But, if you’re packing each box by yourself, it’s up to you to take all precautionary measures.

Place the Glasses and Dishes in a Box

Decide what will go with what. Bulky pieces with thicker glass shouldn’t be in the same package as delicate, small breakables like champagne glasses. Place all china, ceramics, glass, jars, jugs, and cups in carton packages, custom made, or the ones you gathered for free. Add a “Fragile” label to the box and seal it firmly to secure that it doesn’t open up by accident at some point. If you’re wondering how many of them you’ll use, there’s also a way to determine how many boxes you need when moving.

Pack What You Need Daily Last

You surely have a favorite glass, mug, or plate that you use on a daily basis. They should be packed last, so you don’t have to dig for them in a pile of boxes when unpacking. Having in mind that you need them every day, it would be a waste of time to put them on the bottom of a package. You can mark the box that contains your favorites to ease the search for them – with a particular color or a label. Once you get to your new place, you’ll be able to grab your favorite mug and relax before emptying the boxes.

Seems Like Too Much? Don’t Sweat!

In case you’re in a hurry or you don’t want to get in the mess of relocating, expert movers are always there to help you out. When you ask for moving services, you can also request their packing services for everything or just for the items made of glass. You can be 100% sure that professionals will do everything properly before taking the boxes to your new home or a storage unit.

There Are More Packing-Related Tips

In an average household, not every item is easy to prepare for transport. Glassware is not the only thing that troubles people who are relocating. Regardless of if you’re moving out for the first time or you’ve already moved around, we have amazing hacks to simplify your move, like how to pack your furniture drawers, as well as the dos and don’ts when packing books.

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