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Moving to DC means you’re looking for opportunities to grow and develop your career while also enjoying world culture at every step. Our Washington DC movers can assist you in starting a new chapter in your life, so read more about why we’re one of the best companies to move to DC with.

Get Moving Services from Cross Country Movers Group

Cross Country Movers Group offers moving services that will make settling down in DC a piece of cake. When you contact our movers to Washington DC, you’ll hear about relocation benefits and services that not many companies offer for such a reasonable price and high level of quality.

You can contact us via phone or submit a form on our website to get a free quote. Our customer support will assist you in making a household inventory list. This list determines the price of long-distance relocation and doesn’t have any hidden fees or unexpected costs along the way. You can change the list until relocation day, and we’ll adjust the price.

Besides the standard relocation package, you can also pay for services that make life easier during the long-distance move. Those would include additional packing and car shipping.

The standard relocation package includes furniture and appliance packing and unpacking, assembling, and disassembling. Truck use, loading, and unloading are free, and you’ll get a free storage service and relocation insurance.

We Provide a Packing Service for Every Budget and Need

As mentioned, packing services are part of the standard relocation package, but we have others you can pay extra for and secure your items even more. With our movers in Washington DC, your items will be packed with the utmost care.

Bulky items are challenging to pack, but our professional workers are trained to handle them. They will assemble and dismantle essential furniture you can’t live without in such a way that you won’t even notice it was all transported across the country.

Choose if You Prefer Full or Partial Packing Services

Additional packaging services you can opt for are partial and full options. They’re choices that make sense for the customer who wants to save money and doesn’t want to leave anything to risk.

Partial packaging is the more affordable option that allows you to pack valuable items while our relocation team packs up to 15 boxes of stuff. You’ll participate in the process and handle your most precious personal possessions.

Full packaging gives you a chance to plan other parts of the move while our crew does all the packing. This is more convenient and comfortable than the former option, but remember that our professional staff will likely recommend handling some very personal items yourself.

When you contact our customer support, you’ll put together an inventory list with them, and based on that information, they’ll let you know if your long-distance move will entail full or partial packaging. You can then adjust and adapt the list to suit your needs more.

Custom Packaging Is Possible With the Help of Our Wooden Crates

Many people move with priceless items they prefer to keep as safe as possible. Moving with us means that even those things can get protected and packed accordingly because we offer custom crating.

Our customized crates are wooden, sturdy, and tailored to fit any valuable item you may have. They’re also specially packed and protected, so anything inside them doesn’t get so much as a scratch. Our customer support team will introduce you to this service when you give us a call.

The Car Shipping Service From Our Washington DC Movers Will Deliver Your Car Safely

Our moving services to Washington DC also offer a car shipping service that makes it possible for you to drive your old car around the new city. Before you start discovering the second-busiest railway system in the US, make sure to drive around DC first.

The best part about car shipping is that you don’t have to drive across the country to have your trusted vehicle nearby. Our professional long-distance drivers transport cars daily and deliver them in mint condition.

You can get a free quote for car shipping, too. Additionally, cars on our trailers are insured for external damage. Those on open trailers are insured for external damage of up to $100,000, while those on enclosed ones are covered for up to $500,000 in external damage.

Movers in Our Company Offer Open and Enclosed Trailer Transport

As we mentioned, and as you may already know, moving across the country is tough when you have many things to worry about. Your car shouldn’t be one of those things, especially if you choose the most suitable trailer for it.

With our company, you have a choice – open trailers are open-air carriers that safely transport cars across a long distance. Depending on the weather during transport, some vehicles on them could be affected by rain or dust, but nothing that a bit of water wouldn’t be able to remove.

Our relocation team can suggest a different choice for you, and those are enclosed trailers. These carriers aren’t open and don’t expose cars to elements, which comes at a price. Many key aspects of relocation can be chosen, which is great for your wallet and peace of mind.

Moving Your Car Also Means Delivering It Door-to-Door or to a Terminal

Our carriers also have great pickup and delivery options, whether open or enclosed. When you decide on the trailer, you’ll be asked to pick where to load and unload your vehicle. There are two options with that, too – door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal.

The more convenient option is door-to-door pickup and delivery. This will allow our team to approach your driveway or street, load the car and then unload it at your new home. If your road or driveway is somehow inaccessible by truck, our drivers will do the pickup and delivery at the nearest available spot.

Saving money is easy with our company because we have terminals in every city we cover. You can drive your car to our local terminal, have us load it onto the carrier of your choice, and deliver it to the DC terminal. You’ll have to drive a bit, but it’s not a complicated process.

Use Storage Units as a Solution for Unexpected Events

The difficulties of moving cross country teach us that having plans A, B, and C is the smartest way to move. Our storage units could and should be part of all three of those plans because having a place to store your items when things go sideways is essential.

With our storage service, you won’t have to worry about what to do when your new home isn’t move-in ready. Our storage is free for thirty days and is an essential part of the relocation package.

The storage units where we keep our customers’ belongings are climate-controlled and equipped with top-notch security systems. We also have a system that makes sure your stuff doesn’t get mixed up with anyone else’s, and the units are only accessible by our team and you.

Your Stuff Will Be Safe and Sound With Our Relocation Insurance

Essential moving services to DC that our cross-country moving company offers wouldn’t be complete without relocation insurance. We have mandatory liability coverage, which is 60 cents per pound of damaged goods. This is an essential part of the relocation package and covers everything in the relocation truck, packed both by you and our crew.

Additionally, if you want to reduce the stress of relocating, you can pay extra to get the Full Value Replacement Insurance. This insurance policy will protect only the items packed by our crew but will cover your belongings for their total value.

It’s better to fully protect some items and not think about them when you’re relocating. It’s necessary to make the move as stress-free as possible, and we have great options to keep you calm and confident.

Over a Hundred Neighborhoods in Washington DC, the US Capital, are Waiting for You

Washington DC, often referred to as just DC, is a world-renowned city. It’s the capital of the United States, the seat of the federal government and many international organizations, and plays an essential role in global politics. According to sources, it’s at the top of the list of the most suitable places for young professionals.

However, DC doesn’t only have to offer its political influences. Locals claim it’s easy to stay away from the political bubble if you’re not interested and enjoy areas that are filled with small businesses, natural landscapes, and artisanal shops and events.

More interesting facts about DC are:

  • Its population is around 690,000,
  • Around 20 million people visit DC each year,
  • It’s located on the eastern bank of the Potomac River,
  • It was named after the first US president, George Washington,
  • Washington DC isn’t technically a city – it’s a federal district, formed in 1790; the district is known as the District of Columbia,
  • The White House was designed by an Irish architect James Hoban,
  • Around 41% of the population is African-American, 39% is white, and 38% non-Hispanic white,
  • It rains more in DC than in Seattle,
  • One of the gargoyles on the National Cathedral is Darth Vader,
  • The tribes that used to inhabit the DC were called Piscataway and Nacotchtank.

Washington DC’s Costs of Living

The US capital is a famous city to move to, but do you know anything about its living costs? If it’s drastically different from what you’re used to, it may take some time to get into the lifestyle. The most important things when moving are a good budget and reasonable requirements.

According to Numbeo, the median monthly salary in DC is $5,900. Rents for one-bedroom apartments in and outside the central area range between $1,800 and $2,300. If you’re relocating alone, we recommend looking for roommates or checking out studios, too.

If you’re relocating to a DC home with family, you may need more than one bedroom. In that case, the rent for three-bedroom apartments in and outside the central area ranges from $3,000 to $4,000.

Anyone looking to buy property in DC can expect to find homes for about $600,000; it all depends on the neighborhood and current housing market. Contact a real estate agent in DC to find you a dream home before calling Cross Country Movers Group to help you move.

Which Neighborhood Is the Best in DC?

DC has as many as 131 neighborhoods. Choosing the right one among them to settle could be difficult, so we worked hard to find the most suitable neighborhoods for different types of residents. They are:

  • McLean Gardens – voted as the best neighborhood to live in and own a house; the median home prices in this area are $450,000, and its locals love its suburban feel and high safety rates,
  • Wesley Heights – considered the best neighborhood to raise a family in. It’s safe, full of tree-lined streets, and surrounded by parks; however, it’s a wealthy (and therefore costly) neighborhood,
  • Mount Vernon – known as the most suitable downtown neighborhood for young professionals. Locals love that it’s an ever-growing area filled with opportunities,
  • University Heights – the most diverse neighborhood in DC, according to Niche.com. It’s near the Catholic University of America,
  • Cathedral Heights – locals in this neighborhood say they always feel safe and have the chance to enjoy outdoor activities. It’s suitable for college students, too.

Need Movers in DC to Help You Leave? Our Company Is Here for You

Cross Country Movers Group is a moving company in Washington DC that doesn’t just help people move to DC, but leave it, too. People continuously seek opportunities to change their environment and lifestyle; if you feel like you can’t find that in DC anymore and wish to move out, we can help.

Contact us and work with our customer support to plan a safe, budget-friendly move. Whatever questions you may have, they’ll answer them and make sure you’re clear on any aspect of relocating with us. Cross Country Movers Group’s got your back.

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