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It’s time for you to move, and you’re not exactly sure whether you should be excited or terrified. But, while you contemplate your feelings, you should think about creating a moving to-do list. Believe it or not, it’s the sole thing that will help you remain positive.

So, how come a plain thing such as a moving list of things to do can help you avoid relocation stress? It’s simple; there is no such thing as an easy relocation – each is complex and difficult in its own way. Whether we are packing and going to the next town to live there, or we are planning to invest in cross-country moving services so we can move to another state, there’s a lot on our plates. And although a to-do list for moving isn’t going to take care of all your tasks magically, it will help you stay calm and on track.

Creating a Moving To-Do List Will Set You off Properly

American citizens tend to move a lot, more than 11 times during their lifetimes. And we all have different reasons to move – sometimes we move for love or because of our careers. Perhaps we seek new surroundings, those that will complement our personalities or an opportunity to start anew. And we also believe that relocations are the third most stressful event that could happen to us. Why is that? It’s because relocating isn’t as simple as going camping. We might need to search for house-hunting tips and to transfer our insurance and other papers, and above all – to pack everything we own.

But, if we write down everything that needs to be taken care of, it will enable us to avoid any kinds of relocation mistakes down the road. But is there a checklist for moving? You can use a template that can be found on a site such as On Planners or make one by yourself. But let’s analyze all the important items that should be on your moving list.

The First Stop on Your Checklist Is the Budget

What is the first thing to do when moving? Before you get to any other important task, you should thoroughly consider your finances for the upcoming move. Include all the possible things on your relocation expenses checklist. Make sure you add the approximate price for various relocation services, a down payment if you’re buying a residence, or the amount needed for the deposit if you are a renter. On top of it, add something extra for any unexpected costs up ahead.

You can look for ways to save money on relocation costs, such as using free boxes that are free, found on Craigslist or Freecycle. Also, you can visit the local bookstore, liquor store, or retail and ask them to give you some of their boxes. The liquor store might also have cardboard dividers which may come in handy for packing fragile items such as plates or to pack glassware for relocating.

Don’t Wait for the Final Day, but Declutter Weeks Before the Move

There are some things you should take care of several weeks before you start to pack. Creating a moving inventory list means that you should figure out what goes with you to the new home so you can write it down. However, you should also thoroughly declutter and divide the unwanted belongings into three groups:

  • In the first wave of decluttering, the initial pile should contain all the stuff that was prone to finish in the garbage bin a long time ago. Remember that broken lamp that sits in the corner of your garage, full of dust and cobweb? Now is the time to get rid of it. Be honest to yourself – objects that sat around for years unrepaired are not going to get repaired now that you’re leaving to another state.
  • The second pile should be made out of all the things that can be donated to a charity. Before you determine what can be donated, it’s best to contact a local charity and get informed. They usually accept a range of things – from appliances and furniture to dry and canned foods, blankets, shoes, and other stuff.
  • If you have some jewelry, artwork, and other decorations, as well as unworn designer shoes and other stuff that couldn’t be donated, you can sell unwanted items online or throw a yard sale.

Decluttering is beneficial in several ways. It will lower the price of your move (fewer objects means a lower estimate,) and you will have less to pack and later less to unpack after relocating. If you need some motivation to declutter, watch the following video.

Search for Relocation Companies and Hire a Reliable Cross Country Movers Group

One of the most essential items on your list of things to do when moving into a new house is finding reliable cross-country movers to handle your relocation. A reputable relocation company is not easy to pick, and you should be aware that there are many fraudsters out there, trying to get your money, belongings, or both. That’s why you should be thorough in your research. Google the company, check their background, and see if they have a USDOT number with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). When you narrow your search to a few companies, compare their estimates. Just don’t forget to include packing service and any other relocating solution that you may require.

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Decide Whether You’ll Leave Some Items in Storage for a Couple of Weeks

The storage service by relocation companies is a handy solution for a move, especially if you’re moving across the country. It’s a great option if you have many bulky items and need some time to figure out the arrangement in your new home. Storage units are safe, climate-controlled, and secured spaces where you can leave a variety of stuff. If you have hired movers, check their policy about storage because some companies even offer 30 days free of charge if you are using their services for the relocation.

Consider Getting the Car Shipping Service From a Reliable Company So You Won’t Have to Drive

An auto transport service is not only useful when you’re buying a new car, and you need to have it shipped to your home. It’s also great for those who want to avoid driving long distances. Many relocation companies offer different solutions when it comes to vehicle shipping. You can choose between open or closed trailers that transport cars from state to state. You may also pick the delivery options, such as the door-to-door service or terminal-to-terminal. The latter is cheaper, but you have to drive your car to a designated location, while the first option is more convenient, as the movers pick the car from your address.

Take Care of the Important Paperwork Several Weeks Ahead

The next step is to transfer utilities on time. Many people postpone it, thinking it can be done after the move, but it’s a mistake that should be avoided. Just keep in mind two things – you should set a disconnection date for all your utilities and other services, so the future tenants don’t end up with a nasty surprise because you left the heating on. And the other is that you should also set a connection date because you should have everything connected the moment you step inside the new home.

You should also change your address when you move and avoid any unpleasant situations, such as your bank statements and other mail not arriving. Take care of your driver’s license and other important documents. Transfer your health insurance, dental records, as well as life insurance and the one you have on your house. Wondering who to notify when relocating besides the services listed on your checklist? You should also take care of banks, Social Security, and other important institutions and agencies.

Packing Takes Several Weeks to Accomplish, Don’t Wait for the Final Moment

The moving packing list is perhaps the most dreaded part of the move. Well, not exactly, but the packaging process sure is. When we think about all the stuff we should do, which includes relocating furniture as well as our books, clothes, and all other possessions, we realize it’s going to take some time. That’s why we should pack up some stuff even a month before the big day. Stuff like seasonal clothes and shoes, as well as decorations, can all be packed ahead.

Obtain Materials Before You Plunge Into Boxing Up

It’s the right moment for the all-time favorite part of every relocation – placing your life into cardboard boxes. But no boxing up can go without the proper packing materials, and that’s why you should gather everything you need before you start. You’ll require sturdy, high-quality boxes of different sizes, although you’ll mostly use medium-sized ones. Also, get enough sturdy tape to seal the lids properly and some bubble and plastic wrap, foam peanuts, and paper for cushioning. On top of it, get a heavy-duty tape dispenser, scissors, and a marker.

Label Each Box So You Can Unpack in a Jiffy

Relocating labels that you’ll use on your boxes are one of the best relocation hacks out there. As you pack, label each box. You can do it in several different ways – by labeling them according to the room in which they belong, writing down their contents, numbering them, or color-coding.

Perhaps a combination of these labels will work the best. You can color-code them by room, number them and snap a photo of the contents. Later on, once you get into your future home, label the room with the corresponding color, so the movers can easily unload the packages.

Other Important Tasks, Including Cleaning and Final Preparations for the Move-Out Day

As the move-out day approaches, we’ve battled almost every battle there is and took care of most of the relocation-related work. But now it’s the right moment to plan our meals, which means no more grocery shopping, but instead cleaning up the fridge and the freezer. Placing our relocation essentials into a bag is also a must, and this includes a change of clothes for each family member, basic toiletries, kitchen utensils, chargers, and other basic stuff.

What Should I Do the Week Before Moving Into a New Home?

Write down all the items you need for sprucing up the old residence on your move-out cleaning checklist. Get enough cleaning supplies, disinfectants, clean cloths, a bucket and a mop, a dustpan and a brush, gloves, and everything else you’ll require to leave the abode squeaky clean. Tidy and scrub each corner, from the ceiling to the bottom, and leave no room untouched. In the end, polish the floor and make everything shine.

After Weeks of Preparations, the Move Out Day Has Come, and You Can Now Relax and Set Sails Toward New Surroundings

With an ultimate checklist such as this one, a stress-free move is guaranteed, and there’s no need for you to worry. As the whole process nears its end, and you’ve taken care of every last bit of it, you can relax and focus on the life ahead of you. After all, there are many things to do when you move into a new home, but it will not hit you as hard because it’s a fresh start, and you should enjoy it.

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