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5 Things You Can Expect When Moving to a Small Town

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For most city folk, moving to a small town might seem like ending up on a different planet. You’re suddenly surrounded with peace and quiet, there’s a lot less traffic, and you have a feeling that everyone knows everybody else. There are certain things that are common to all such environments, so let’s take a closer look at them, so you know what you’re getting into.

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#1 Moving to a Small Town Means a Change of Pace

Let’s say you decided to hire moving services and to relocate to a suburban, or even rural area. All went smoothly, you sold unwanted items, and finally took a few moments of relief on the front porch of your new home. Probably the first thing you’ll notice is the absence of noise. There’ll be no cars rushing around in their hundreds. No non-stop chatter of thousands of people. Nobody seems to be in haste. It can seem unnatural, but if you have at least some affinity to life in a lower gear, this type of relocation can do wonders for your health and stress levels.

Moving to a Small Town Inside and Out

Downsizing for moving might be another, perhaps unintended consequence of going smaller. Much of your stuff may end up in storage, but you also get a chance to get rid of the emotional and mental baggage that you have piled up over the years. Living a simple and quiet life in a small community might be the perfect opportunity to reinvent yourself and achieve some of the goals you set for yourself a long time ago.

On the other hand, some things may seem completely strange to lifelong city dwellers. For example, utilities are not nearly as reliableso expect outages every now and then, even if you move to the suburbs. Be ready for a slower internet connection, too. And perhaps the most challenging part of it – you can forget about the anonymity and privacy of big cities. More likely than not, everybody will know who you are and what you are doing.

#2 You’ll Need Some Tips on How to Bond With the Local Population

Whatever your reasons to move to a smaller place may be, you’ll be compelled to meet new neighbors. In small towns, it’s all about a strong sense of community, as you probably already know. It may take some time to get accepted and adjust to a new lifestyle. But once you settle in, you’ll be in for scores of activities. Volunteering, for example, is something that will be expected of you. It can be taking part in PTA meetings or making food for the less fortunate.

Inviting neighbors over for dinner at your place may be an excellent opportunity to meet new people and maybe even make a friendship or two. Neighbors will help you settle in if you approach them in the right way, so be sure to get off on a good start. Still, not everyone will like you, at least until they get to know you better. So be prepared for that, too.

You’ll Be Meeting the Same People Over and Over Again – Make Use of It

When living in the suburbs or rural areas, you’ll be meeting the same people all around the city, all the time. You shouldn’t be surprised if you meet the banker who processed your payment earlier in the day at a local pub. Or the store clerk who sold you groceries. The limited number of places to go out to kind of makes people speak to each other and socialize more often. More opportunities for making friends will aid you in the process of settling into the community and calling it home.

#3 No More Quick Access to Everything

The city is defined by plenty. Smaller towns are very limited in the scope of things to do, both professionally and for leisure. Amenities, too, are not in abundance. For example, for a doctor’s visit, you might have to take a trip to the nearest large city.

Jobs Won’t Be Many or Thrilling

Unless you’re relocating for work, be prepared to take a job outside of your profession. Job markets in the suburbs and rural areas are very limited. Basically, your options will be to embrace whatever comes your way or open your own business. On the other hand, retirees don’t have those kinds of problems and usually fit nicely into a quiet atmosphere.

Educational Options Are Somewhat Limited

Another thing that smaller towns usually lack is higher education. There are high schools in most of them, but no colleges. Some local kids don’t even feel the need to go to college since they are usually tied to the community through a family business, for example.

Best Be Prepared For Long Drives

If you choose to establish a home and a life away from a big city, what you’ll definitely need is a car, and auto transport services can be a good option in that regard. First of all, you’ll never have trouble finding a parking spot.

Aside from that, if you need anything other than what can be found in a local store, you’ll have to go on a road trip to the nearest shopping mall. So be ready to do supply runs from time to time.

#4 You’ll Have a Lot of Free Time

If it counts for something, the countryside is perfect for people who are moving with a toddler, but also those who move with a big family. A fact of life in rural areas is that there are loads of free time and limited options to spend it. So take the kids out into the open. They’ll be able to see animals and plants they would never see in big cities, except maybe in a zoo.

And there is one more boon for those who enjoy living outdoor lifestyles. There’s probably no better chance to look at the night sky and see stars without the light pollution of the cities.

#5 There’ll Be More Home-Cooked Meals

And finally, if there’s one thing all urban jungle dwellers say every once in a while is that they want more homemade food. Still, a big city lifestyle often doesn’t allow it. After all, who’d prepare food when there’s a takeout or a restaurant around the corner. And countless options for delivery. In a smaller town, there aren’t so many chances to eat out. So better hit that cookbook and prepare to become a great chef. It’ll be useful in many ways.

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