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15 Essential Things You Should Do When Moving to a New Home

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Horseshoe, bread, and salt are just some of the items you can bring with you when moving to a new home. It is believed these items will bring good fortune to the people living in the house. But when cross country moving, some things are better not to be left to superstition because there are things to do when moving into a new home that are purely technical by nature and crucial for your safety.

Even if you know what brings good luck to a new home? And even if you follow rituals from all religions in the world, the only way you get to enjoy your latest place is to follow some rules and tips that will ensure a smooth transfer. And once everything is in its place, you can do some Feng Shui rearrangements for the spiritual uplifting of the house.

Before You Move, Make a Checklist of Things You Need to Do

Relocating to another city, no matter how exciting, comes with its challenges. But there is nothing you can not overcome with a good strategy and plan in place. So, even if you are relocating at the last minute, take some time to plan everything and start by creating a relocation list.

This should be a list where you will put all the things you must do after and before the move. From house hunting, finding a school for your kids, to booking an auto transport service, many tasks will be on your mind, and without a written plan, you can easily skip some crucial steps. Here are some suggestions you can include in your relocating to another state checklist:

Don’t Forget to Clean While Pack

Packing clean items will make your life easier once you relocate. Even if it seems like a hard thing to do now when packing, believe us, it will be even harder to do so while unpacking. There are many things to do when moving into a new home, so why add clothes washing to that list? Also, if it is possible to clean your furniture as well. You can hire a professional furniture cleaning agency to do this for you. But if you don’t have a budget for that, you can vacuum your furniture and wipe it with a wet cloth.

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What to Buy When Moving Into a New Home

Before your relocation day arrives, create a new apartment shopping list because you’ll need some items to get around the place while waiting for the movers to deliver your stuff. Buy some necessities and put them in a box of essentials. This box should contain all the items you will need once you relocate for the first week, especially if you plan to keep the belongings in storage units for some time. Pack up cleaning supplies, a couple of pots and pans, hygiene products because they are just some of the items that need to find their way to the box.

The Easiest Way to Relocate to Another Home Is if You Hire a Cross Country Moving Company

There is no debate – whatever big project you do in life, it is way easier to do it with some professional help. And there is no better way and bigger fortune to enter a fresh chapter of your life relaxed and stressless. So if you wish to have stress-free relocation, leave lucky charms to the side and book the best cross country movers group for moving service. Furthermore for even more relaxed and work free move the best will be to take packing service as well. This will make your unpacking and settling in even more comfortable.

When Moving to a New Home, You Need to Check if Everything Is in Order

Whether you are buying or renting a house, the best relocation tip is to inspect the residence while it is still empty. The first thing you will have to do is to locate a fuse box and turn on the electricity. If you are relocating in winter, now is the moment to turn your heat on as well. Go to the kitchen and see if there is tap water, also see if there is water in your bathroom.

Check the Floor and Walls Before Movers Arrive

If you are relocating for the first time and you are a first-time homebuyer, you should know that sometimes things we see in the picture or before closing a deal are not the way they seem. So once you set foot inside the residence take a picture of every room before your truck arrives. Inspect the floor and walls. See if the floor is damaged or squeaky anywhere. Inspect the walls for humidity and mold. Also, look for cracks or any damages on the wall and take a picture of it.

Look For Any Signs of Pests

Also, while scanning the rooms, look for any signs of pests. Believe it or not, some bugs are not that easy to catch, so look in dark and moist corners. Another thing to look for is mouse or rat droppings. If there are, take a picture and contact disinsection and rodent control as well as your real estate agent to arrange reimbursement.

See if Everything Is Working Properly

The next step is to plug in all of your appliances. In fact, it would be smart to plug in the refrigerator as soon as you enter the building. It takes time for the refrigerator to start cooling, so if you wish to know if it is working before your truck arrives, plug it in on time. Test the stove, oven, dishwasher, and washing and drying machine as well. It is ok if you turn the empty appliances to work. The best will be to do this right away because later on, it would be hard to prove you didn’t break them.

Unpack Your Essentials

Now that everything is checked out, prepare the residence for movers. First, you have to unpack your box of essentials. There should be some cleaning supplies, like mops and cleaning products. Also prepare yourself mentally, because the next couple of hours will be all about work. You should set up a working atmosphere. Get the wifi router out of your box, set up the internet, and play some music. This way the work will be more bearable, and time will pass quicker. So don’t forget to put chargers and speakers in the box of essentials.

Clean Everything Thoroughly Before Cross Country Movers Arrive

Another important thing to do before the movers arrive is to do a deep cleaning of the residence. Go room by room and wipe everything from corner to corner if there are closets, wipe them, and dressers. Take some wet cloth, a bucket of water mixed with alcohol, and disinfect the walls, windows, doors, even the jacks, and switches. If there are carpets, book a cleaning agency in advance to come and do a deep cleaning of carpets. No matter if everything seems clean you never know who lived there and how good cleaning was done.

Also, you probably packed shiny plates and dishes, and you don’t want to place them in the dirty cabinets. So make sure to wipe them as well. This may seem like a lot of work, but it will be much easier than cleaning everything with your belongings inside. You will have to remove everything in order to clean, so why not save yourself some future troubles and wipe everything right away?

Make Sure Your Residence is Secure

For a safe night’s sleep, you will have to secure everything. Check all windows and see if they can be opened from the outside. Do the same with your slide doors or back doors. One of the things people forget to do when they move is to change their locks. Do this immediately. You never know who has the spear keys and who lived there before. If there is an alarm system, call the company in charge and change the codes. Make sure you did everything you could to up your security game. You will sleep better knowing that you did.

Childproof Every Room

If you are relocating to another state with kids, especially toddlers, you will have to babyproof your house, so make sure to buy everything you need for this before your move. You will be super busy, and we all know babies can be quite unpredictable and curious. So if you want to have fewer obligations to worry about, make sure you secure and babyproof everything that may be harmful. But even if you childproof everything, never leave your baby unattended. The best would be if you could set up one room where your baby will be, with someone.

And while we are talking about safety, check out if all smoke detectors are working properly. Check this video and see how other people secured their homes:

Your Pets Should Be Comfortable

If you are moving across the country with a dog, you will have to help them adjust to these circumstances as well. So if you wonder what to do when moving into a new home with dogs or cats, the first thing you must do is to let your pet explore everything. This way, they will be less stressed out once they are familiar with their surroundings.

Secondly, dedicate one place in the house to your pet, that will be their spot. Show them that place and put their blankets, toys, and bed there. This way, even with all the fuss around, your dog or cat will realize they are safe in that corner.

Now It Is Time to Change Your Address

If you haven’t already forwarded your address to the current location, now is a moment to do so. Go online on your local USPS website and fill out a change of address form, and your mails will be forwarded to your current location for the next 12 months. Aside from UPSP, you will have to inform government agencies and other service providers about a change of address. Here are the entities you need to notify about your relocation:

  • DMV
  • IRS
  • Car Insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Bank and other financial institutions

Organize a Party and Meet Your Neighbors

When moving cross country, the hardest part is the fact that you have to say goodbye to all of your friends and family. And living in a different city means you have to start everything all over again. But this doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. You get to make friends and to explore different places. So once you are settled in and finish unpacking, organize a housewarming party and invite your neighbors over. Introducing yourself to the neighbors will help you adjust faster, and if you have a party in your place, you will feel more comfortable talking to strangers.

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