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Moving to a Big City From a Small Town – Things to Know

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Is it better to live in a big or a small city? Does the average small-town person know how to handle moving to a big city? What are the benefits of going big? And will you lose something along the way? These are the questions that must have been piling up in your mind since you made the decision to move cross-country.

Sure, your life is going to change upside down, but before you actually come face-to-face with all the skyscrapers and crowds, let’s see what things you need to take into consideration. Both good and bad.

The Cost of Living Will Likely Be Higher

Should you live in a big city? Will you have enough money to support yourself and your family? Will you have to change some of your spending habits? Many questions are likely burdening you because you understand how mindful one has to be with easy access to all the temptations surrounding them, from the essential expenses like groceries, transportation, and utilities to all the things your heart desires. And once you set foot in a metropolis, learning how to save some of the money in your wallet will be one of the most important lessons.

On the other hand, thinking about how to save money on relocation costs comes as a necessity when you know that the upcoming personal expenses won’t make it any easier for you. Take all the house hunting tips you can find out there, as well as the ones on the cheapest way to ship a car, since these will be some of your major expenses. Believe us, understanding how to boost your budget before replanting your roots will be the best relocation stress reliever.

What Does It Feel Like to Rely on Public Transportation

Although living in a metropolitan area may have been a dream you’ve been dreaming of your whole life, traffic jams and noise may come as a reality check once you are finally there. Compared to a small town, where the slow-paced life is a given, here you’ll come across a bazillion of pedestrians and just as many cyclists, long lines, and crowds the second you leave your place.

Forget about leaving your home right on time, because sometimes, roads are so congested that you need to leave an hour early to be on time. The alternative of taking a taxi everywhere will only make you spend a small fortune along the way. That’s why hiring car shipping services for your vehicle might be a much better idea, but still, be prepared for hunger games when looking for a parking spot.

Lack of Time

Knowing what a regular day looks like, it’s easy to conclude that having time is the biggest luxury of big city life. You’ll have weeks planned ahead, and your calendar all circled, without some decent time left to spare. Running your daily errands within walking distance will be mission impossible, and going to a friend’s house without spending a serious part of your day planning the route and hours involved may seem like a fairytale. The day you used to have while living in a small town will probably not happen until you go back for a visit

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A Lot More Safety Concerns

It’s no wonder if you’re wondering how to move to a big city alone when they’ve all became notorious for their high crime rates. And relocating safely doesn’t only mean having all of your belongings safe and sound, but finding a safe home, as well.

Although most of America’s cities are much safer now than ever, it’s still much better to live in rural areas. Gang activity, traffic accidents, and non-violent and violent crime can never be as high as in densely populated areas.

So remember to research the place you are interested in before you start packing your bags. With apps like Citizen, you’ll have your personal safety network and alerts about nearby incidents and crimes, which can be pretty helpful, especially if you’re making this transition alone.

The Term “Big City Loneliness” Exists for a Reason

Many of us tend to think that being surrounded by people will never make us feel lonely. However, ironic as it may sound, loneliness spreads like some kind of a virus in big cities, and it’s an easily explained phenomenon. In fact, New York, London, and Dubai are the top 3 places in terms of loneliness.

Even though the strong sense of community you’re used to is hard to get in larger areas, there are ways to integrate yourself better and bring back the sense of belonging. However, you can’t just sit on your sofa and wait for it.

Make an Effort to Meet New People

Since your happiness and well-being are tightly correlated with strong social connections, it’s expected that moving away from your close-knit community will only dishearten you. Yet again, there are things to do after relocating that could help you cope with separation anxiety more easily and chase the solitude away.

Although making friends in a new state seems like one of the hardest things to do, you’ll see it doesn’t have to be such a headache if you just look around. Get in touch with your neighbors, your fellow students, colleagues from work, the person next to you in yoga class – the place might be full of people who are looking forward to spending time together with someone new, too.

And when you feel down, your old friends are always there to comfort you. Don’t hesitate to call them. At least nowadays, you can stay in touch with people you love thanks to modern technology and social media.

You Don’t Have to Live All by Yourself

Lightening the financial burden is not the only reason why you should consider finding a roommate. Life in the big city can be rough, even when you get used to it, and sharing your day with someone could change it drastically, all for the better.

Besides reducing your living expenses, sharing your space and thoughts with someone – no matter if you had a wonderful day or a lousy one – will help you feel less alone in the big wide world. Also, when was the last time someone helped you with household chores?

Endless Options Available Compared to Small-Town Living

When wondering why it is better to live in a big city, of course, the majority is motivated by the number of options they could never seize in smaller and rural places. So the reasons to live in a big city are many, and the more populated the place is, the more opportunities there are to make life better.

The quality of life depends on where you live because your standard of living, goals, and expectations are not a personal matter. They are always tightly determined by the culture you live in and its economic, political, and social situation.

Therefore, if you’re pursuing happiness, it might be a good idea to do it in more urban places. Whether it is educational opportunities, better career options, more entertainment, or something else, you’ll find it there.

Expect Numerous Job Opportunities but Also a Strong Competition

If relocating for a job is one of your reasons to move, consider yourself fortunate because you don’t have to worry about dealing with inevitably high job competition. Knowing that a job is waiting for you once you’re settled is a commodity many do not have when deciding to take their chance.

Relocating to a new area with many people means the job market will be pretty rough to handle. However, these are the places where you can chase your dreams and find your passion, keep in mind that every single person around you is trying to do precisely the same thing. And to stand out among all of them, ambition is not enough because – trust our word – many do have it, and that’s why they’re here. On the other hand, your skills and uniqueness will make you stand out from the rest.

Cultural Diversity

Jumping into a new lifestyle will quickly push you towards various perspectives you weren’t even aware of. Be prepared to question everything you thought you were sure about, such as your religious beliefs, values, and ideologies, because you’ll be exposed to so many different points of view that you’ll start to think about them for the first time. And appreciate some of them, too. The great thing about metropolises is that you begin to understand where you came from and how valuable your background is. And this is one of the most precious things to know and learn about.

To learn more about how to apply for a job before the relocation, check out the video below.

Prepare Well in Advance When Moving to a Big City

Now that you understand what to expect from a metropolis, it’s time to learn to prepare and organize your move correctly. How do you move to a big city alone is not a question that should bother you, but rather How do you move efficiently. But no worries, with a few of our relocation tips, you’ll handle it without a hitch. Here’s what to keep in mind:

Hire Long-Distance Movers to Help You

Having an entirely stress-free relocation is something that everyone wants, but the truth is, no one gets it. However, hiring highly trained cross-country movers could save you from a lot of headaches and relocation mistakes so that you can stay motivated for all the upcoming tasks. With the professional packing and other moving services they provide, you will not have to worry about any of your belongings because they will be delivered safely and in a timely manner to your new home.

Know Your Real Needs and Make Yourself at Home in the New Environment

Deciding where to live next is one of the biggest challenges people face since no one can tell if the decision will be right or wrong until it happens. Luckily, our guide is here to help you comprehend what a bustling area really is. In the end, remember that chasing big-city lights isn’t the critical part, but finding a place where you feel at home.

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