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Taking the step and moving across the country comes with a lot of excitement and even more exhaustion. But with the right long-distance moving company in your corner, with the best moving services, you can relieve some of the hard work from your shoulders and focus on plans ahead of you. And Cross Country Movers Group can do precisely that. Find out what you will get if you decide on moving long-distance with us.

Why Take Long-Distance Moving Services

Moving cross country demands a lot of preparation, hard work, time, and energy, especially if you decide to do all of it alone. You will have to rent a truck, workers, pack the entire house, find a new job and place to live, and on top of all that, coordinate different companies in both current and new locations. So before you rule out hiring assistance, find out your options first.

With Us, You Are in Control of Your Bill

With us, there are no hidden costs. Our agents will make sure you are familiar with every aspect of your bill. Once it comes to price making, the main factor that influences the cost of your move is your inventory list. So let’s explain the price-making process better. Once you contact us, our agent will propose a day when our team member can come to your home to do the in-home estimation. It would be good to have some idea of what you will bring with you or, even better, to make an inventory list before our employee arrives. Once they are at your home, they will make an inventory list. If you prefer, this in-home estimation can be done online with our video survey. When the estimate is done, our agent will email you a contract with the price. You can change the quote by removing or adding something to your inventory list if you wish. This can be done up to one business day before your move.

How to Get a Free Quote?

If you are still not sure whether to hire professionals or not, with us, you can use our free quote option. This quote will not be precise, and it is not the final quote. It is an initial quote just to give you an idea of how much your move will approximately cost. And if you are pleased with this offer you can contact us to provide you with more information.

What We Offer as Part of Our Standard Moving Services for Long Distance

With our essential long-distance moving services, you will get a professional team at your disposal, a truck and professional driver, and an agent who will be in charge of your move. Whether you are relocating down the block, relocating your office, or your entire house with Cross Country Movers Group, each customer is treated with the same care. And once you sign a contract with us, your designated agent will be in charge of your move entirely. You will not have to worry about explaining your requests or questions every time you call our company.

You Will Get Free of Charge Standard Packing Service Once You Hire Our Long-Distance Moving Company

Once you hire our movers for relocation service, you will get a standard packing service at no additional costs. We provide this service to all of our clients. Our team of professionals will come to your home and pack and protect all your bulky and large items. So you can leave worrying about how you will protect the refrigerator, mirrors, or TV to our team. Also, our professionals will disassemble and reassemble all of your furniture. So the closet, dresser, electronic devices, and other things that can be disassembled will be, by our crew. And once you are at your new home, they will reassemble all of the furniture and place it in the spot you wish. Also, each piece of furniture will be wrapped in high-quality protective material.

We Will Bring Our Packing Materials

Another part of our standard packing service is that our team will bring packing materials. We use high-quality protective materials in each relocation we perform, so you can rest assured your belongings will be fully protected from any damage. Moving blankets, bubble wrap, plastic wrap, duct tape, and other tools will ensure no breakages occur.

Our Trained Movers Will Do Loading and Unloading

Whether you live on the fifth floor of the building with no elevator or in the house with a narrow doorway, our team of professionals can handle every task. We are prepared for every move, and our primary goal is to get the job done without any damage along the way. This is why each team member has gone through training on packing and protecting all different kinds of items. Also, they all learn how to properly load a truck so no movements can happen inside the truck during transportation.

We Are in Possession of Our Trucks

You would be surprised to learn how many relocation companies do not own their trucks, which is a legitimate business decision. We at Cross Country Movers Group prefer to have every aspect of relocation under our control (that is why we offer car shipping and storage facilities to all of our customers). If we involve a third party to rent us a truck, we risk something going wrong, possibly even leaving you without any service. Our trucks are modern and regularly maintained, so you can rest assured that your belongings will be transported safely.

You Will Be Entitled to Free Storage for a Whole Month With Our Company

Another thing we offer as part of our essential service is free storage unit for the whole month. As a client-oriented company, we know that relocation can come with many unpredictable events. For example, your new home may not be ready for move-in while you already have sold your old house. Your biggest problem will be what to do with your belongings in this situation. Here is where we step in to help you with our free storage service for a whole month. Once you store your belongings in our units, they will be shipped to your new address as soon as you let us know everything is ready. Our units have a top-notch climate control system, 24/7 security, and one of the best video surveillance systems. With us, your belongings will be safe both from moisture and humidity and from thefts.

Why Choose a Team of Professionally Trained Cross Country Movers?

Even though when thinking about relocating across the country seems like an easy task. But only when people begin this process do they realize how difficult it is. But energy and time is not the only thing that will be your concern. If you are not trained to carry large and heavy items properly, even the smallest mistake can lead to injury. If you are planning to relocate your entire house, it is always better to choose professionally trained movers.

You Will Be Covered With Insurance With Our Moving Services

Once you hire us and we come to your home and start loading stuff in the truck, all your items will be automatically insured with our basic insurance or Mandatory Liability Coverage. With this insurance, all of the items transported in our truck are stored in our units will be covered if any damage happen. You will get 60 cents per pound of every damaged item. On the other hand, if you wish to protect your belongings even more for a little extra cash, you can get Full Value Replacement Insurance.

You will get reimbursement for a damaged item in its full market value with this insurance. But before we pay any damages, our company can try to fix or replace the damaged item. Bear in mind that FVRI is only for the items our team of professionals packed. Even though we have no problem transporting most of your items, we advise you not to ship things of high value – especially items of high emotional value such as memorabilia which can never be replaced if lost.

We Use Modern Technology to Your Advantage

You can see by now that the safety of the things you entrust us is our top priority. This is why we implemented a top-notch bar code labeling system, so the possibility of something getting lost is almost impossible. Our team will print sticky barcode labels and place them on boxes and pieces of furniture they will place on the truck. Once the barcode is scanned, it will show our crew a final destination, name, and address of the client and, of course, the date of the shipment. The same thing will be done if you decide to place your items in our warehouse.

How to Choose the Best Company for Your Cross Country Moving

When looking for a cross-country moving company, you can easily stumble upon some scammers. That is why it is crucial to learn what information to look for and how to notice red flags that will most likely show that they are not legit. First, you need to see if the company has a real address neatly featured on its website. Putting up an address is easy, and there is no reason why some companies will skip this step, except if they have something to hide.

The other red flag is if they don’t have any online presence, which nowadays is weird and unusual. But if you really want to see if the company operates legally, you should check if it has a USDOT number. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration issues this number, and all cross-country moving companies need to have one. If they don’t, you should consider finding a new company. Also, go online and check for reviews people left. As a company with years of experience, we can proudly say that we have tons of satisfied customers who were not shy in expressing their opinion.

Book Cross Country Movers Group Today and Start This New Chapter of Your Life With Ease

Having a trustworthy team of professionals to help you with your move is nowadays is no luxury like it was in the past. With so many companies on the market, we can assure you that booking us will pay off. Our team will handle everything from packing your pots and pans to safely transporting your pool table and your boxes. For us, there is no task we can not tackle. And best of all, you will be in charge of your move the entire time with the help of the agent you will be assigned. So don’t hesitate and contact Cross Country Movers Group now!

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