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6 Best Tips for Moving Furniture by Yourself

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No matter how strong you are, we are sure that moving furniture is a challenge that might make your knees shake and cause you a minor headache. In this case, it is not all about strength. There is a lot of logistics, planning, and thinking you need to do before you even try to lift something as heavy as an old sofa. And since it can also be dangerous, it is essential to do it safely and properly. So, follow our guide if you are curious to find out how to do it without experienced movers.

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Tips for Carrying Heavy Furniture Without Professional Movers

If you are a type of person that likes to do everything on your own, then you certainly can do a bit of furniture lifting and truck loading, right? Not everyone needs to be a professional mover in order to move some furnishings, but it is good to have some help  when lifting heavy objects. Here are six best tips on how to relocate these bulky household objects without expert assistance.

#1 Who Said You Need to Hire Movers?

No one – that is why we are helping you do it on your own. Create a plan, measure how wide your doors are, and remove everything that can hinder you or trip you while carrying a closet or a table. If you are carrying the objects to the van, consider how you are going to arrange these items inside of a vehicle and then take them out one by one.

#2 Make Sure You Have the Proper Equipment for Moving Furniture

Even though you are not a professional mover, you have to use the right equipment to ensure a safe move. The plastic sliders are a must, as well as the use of straps if you want to do this safely. Another useful thing is dollies, which can be found with four and two wheels. Just do not forget to secure your load with straps.

#3 Empty and Disassemble Every Item

Whether you are carrying a closet, shelf, bed, or chairs, you should remove everything that was in or on them. Also, if it is possible, break every piece of furniture into parts. Legs, drawers, pads, everything that can be transferred separately should be removed first.

#4 Lifting Techniques You Should Know

Carrying heavy items is not one of those tasks where your kids can help you while relocating, because safety when moving heavy furniture comes first. That is why you should know some basic techniques in order to stay safe. Carry the weight on your legs, not on your back, so do not bend over, but squat down for the initial lift. Do not twist or turn, and make sure nothing is blocking your sight.

#5 How to Overcome the Stairs?

Having to move heavy items upstairs or downstairs is another way this long process can get even more tricky. This is the part where you cannot do it all by yourself. You need help. Whether from expert movers or from a friend, neighbor. Teamwork is the only way to do this, so move slowly and let the person who is going first to dictate the pace.

#6 Make Sure the Truck Is Close

If you are renting a moving truck, do not forget to measure its width and height and think in advance how you are going to arrange the objects inside. You need to prepare logistically for this part so that everything fits in like a puzzle. Insert large and heavy items first, and then fill in the rest of the space with smaller ones, for example, packed furniture drawers, etc. Secure that the path through your home to the truck is the easiest possible, without any obstacles. Park the van as close as possible to your home so that the loading process can go quickly.

Do Not Forget About Delivery and Unloading

You have managed to take everything out and store it into the van, but the fun does not end there. Whether you are relocating to a new home, or you are driving your stuff to the storage if you loaded all the items by yourself, the same lengthy process awaits for you, but in reverse. Bring along the same equipment you used while packing and taking stuff out of your home. Ask someone to help you or find someone to pay for their services. Storage can be handy if your new home is not still ready, you can rent a storage unit or use some creative storage ideas.

When Should You Use Professional Moving Services?

So, why should you hire a moving crew if this is something you can do with your own hands? Well, experienced movers have already done this multiple times, and they already have a strategy and plan for carrying any kind of large object. If you have never done this, and you are skeptical about it, perhaps it is better to leave it to movers who know the way this goes. So, if you can find an affordable relocation company near you, you can be sure that they will execute all the packing and other moving services professionally. Movers will be at your service for anything from packing to loading.

Moving Furniture Is Everything but Easy

If your home has narrow doors and hallways, prepare for a long journey with a lot of navigating and wall-hitting. Carrying things such as shelves, tables, or chairs is not an easy task, and not everyone is ready to begin that adventure. However, if you are one of them, make sure that safety is your number one concern. You can easily hurt yourself, break something, and you will certainly get sore muscles. So keep that in mind, and we wish you the best of luck.

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