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7 Romantic Ideas on How to Celebrate Long-Distance Valentine’s Day

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Every healthy relationship requires effort – when you’re in a long-distance one, this is even more important if you want to keep the flame going. It can often be tough to be far away from someone you love, especially when February 14th approaches. But long-distance Valentine’s day isn’t a bad thing – you just have to be a bit creative. If you have no Valentine’s ideas for a long-distance relationship, you’ve come to the right place because we have plenty.

Don’t think that distance will stop you from fully enjoying this holiday. There are plenty of ways to show your love, even if your partner had to move to a new city. Of course, people have many different reasons to move, and it can be challenging to come to terms with that. Still, you have to do the best you can in the circumstances. Let us help you do just that with a few simple yet highly effective plans for the favorite couples’ holiday.

Long-Distance Valentine’s Day Ideas – Do You Have a Plan for February 14th?

Even if your partner didn’t move to another state and were able to be with you for February 14th, you would still have some planning to do. But, instead of looking for the best restaurant to go to on a date, you should sit down and write your to-do list – what do you need to organize and which gifts do you want to buy for your partner? Of course, this might not be so complex as a moving to-do list, for example, but it will still require a bit of your energy, so make sure you start preparations at least a few days before the holiday.

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Long-Distance Relationship Valentine’s Day Ideas Will Help You Make the Most Out of This Holiday Even If You’re Not Physically Together

The atmosphere surrounding February 14th might have you thinking about cross-country moving for love, but don’t let it trick you into making any hasty decisions – that’s how people make common moving mistakes. Instead, make the most out of the situation. When the time is right, you will be ready to organize a move and be with your partner – plus, with excellent moving services, you won’t have any problems pulling off an efficient move. In the meantime, let’s focus on some fantastic tips to help you celebrate your relationship in the best way possible.

#1 Virtual Date Is One of the Essentials – Spend Time Together on a Video Call

So, how do you do a virtual Valentine’s Day? Lucky for you, the technology today will make things a lot easier – your partner is just a click away. There are many apps to choose from, and you probably already have a favorite one. Don’t forget to set the time for the virtual date like you would normally do, and then all you have to do is get ready to relax and have fun.

What Can I Do for Valentine’s Day Long-Distance Date?

There’s always a classic you can’t go wrong with – a virtual dinner date. You can cook each other’s favorite dish while on a video call or plan in advance to get the same food – maybe something that has significance for you as a couple? After a delicious meal, you can stream a movie together – it’s a good thing that many streaming platforms provide this option. It will be just like you’re next to each other. Afterward, you can end the occasion on the video call and fall asleep together – it’s the perfect way to end the holiday.

#2 Send a Care Package With Things Your Partner Loves

What do I get my long-distance boyfriend for Valentine’s Day? A question that will haunt you for weeks before the actual date. Worry not, we’re coming to your rescue. There are several solutions. First, the usual one for couples on a special occasion – you can always send a luxurious gift, maybe a watch, or a perfume. However, keep in mind that you’ll have to learn how to pack breakable things.

A great alternative to a classical gift could be a simple care package. Fill up the box with the little things your significant other adores, whether it’s sweets, books, snacks, or any trinket they like. This is definitely more personal than standard gifts and will mean a lot to your beloved. Here’s a pro tip – add something that represents your city to the box. If your other half has recently moved to a new home and city, they will love having something to remind them of you and your home.

You Can Also Send A Few Small Gifts to Surprise Your Loved One – Think of What They’ll Love

In addition to the care package, you can also send a few small gifts separately – that way, your significant other will be pleasantly surprised a few times and reminded of how much you care. What can you get as a gift? Naturally, anything they like can be an option, but it’s good to be reminded of the basics – here they are:

  • Chocolates,
  • Jewelry,
  • Flowers,
  • Cards,
  • Photos of the two of you (requires you to learn how to pack pictures).

#3 Old-School Dating – Write a Love Letter on a Piece of Paper

Yes, we live in a world of texting – surely you’ve sent countless romantic messages since your beloved has moved to another state, and you two are texting each other every second you’re free. That’s precisely the reason why typing a love message won’t have the same effect as pouring your feelings into a letter on paper – you know, the kind of thing that they used to do before the internet? Why not give it a try? Even if you’re not the most creative type, you can do this – all it takes is having genuine feelings for someone, and the words will come right out.

#4 Put Together a Photo Album or a Scrapbook

It’s a similar idea as a romantic letter – an original way to express your emotions and get your significant other a meaningful gift. This is something that will stay with them forever – chocolates will be eaten, and flowers will die, but a book full of memories will last. Print out the most beautiful photos of the two of you, write a few sweet messages or inside jokes, and arrange them. Use your creativity – the possibilities are endless. Of course, you can add a romantic card to the mix – check out this beautiful idea in the video below for inspiration.

#5 Make Romantic Playlists for Each Other

Music is always here for us when we need it – so use a playlist to remind a loved one that, even if you can’t be with them in person, they are always there in your heart. That’s one of the most touching gifts you can get from one another – songs are a perfect way to express your affection. Start by checking out one or two best love songs playlists to find classics to add to your playlist. Then, continue to search for songs you both adore, and don’t forget to add those that mean something to your story – all couples have at least one song that’s just theirs, right? This playlist will be especially beneficial for your other half if they have just recently moved and are still battling adjustment insomnia.

#6 Organize a Trip to Meet Each Other Halfway

While it’s always an option to spend this holiday together in your or your loved one’s home, the question is how to decide who will travel for the occasion. If your significant other has recently moved for a job across the country, they might not be so happy about traveling again, or their moving expenses checklist might’ve left them without much money. So, who should travel to the other? Well, maybe you don’t have to have that discussion – why not meet halfway? It’s a perfect compromise, and we all know how important those can be for great couples.

Be sure to start planning this trip in advance. First, the two of you have to decide where you will spend this holiday – talk about options, and see what fits into your budget. Get a hotel room, and don’t forget to look for romantic spots in that city (or town) where you can take a lovely photo to remember the occasion. Then, all you have to do is pack clothes – and, naturally, include a date outfit. It might be good to figure out how to keep clothes from wrinkling if you know you won’t have enough time to iron them once more after your arrival.

#7 Talk About Plans for the Future and Moving Cross Country to Be With Each Other

One of the most romantic things a couple can do is plan their future – this holiday might be the perfect moment to start planning. Indeed, the stars haven’t aligned for the two of you just yet, but they will eventually. When that comes, you will want to be prepared for the move, whether it’s moving to a small town, big city, or even relocating to live in the countryside. What’s important is that you’ll be together – deciding where to live surely won’t be a problem.

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It’s Never Too Early to Start Preparations for Moving Across the Country

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Thanks to a Cross-Country Moving Experience, You Will Spend the Next February 14th With Your Loved One

While all these tips will help you plan the best holiday, you would surely be happier if your gift was having no miles to keep you apart from your significant other. If you’re dreaming of a moment when the two of you will move into a new home together, you might be ready to organize a relocation pretty soon. Just imagine – you will spend the next February 14th in your new home. All you have to do is pack and move.

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