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A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Transfer Utilities When Moving

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If your relocation date is coming closer, you’ll need to know how to transfer utilities before you settle in your newest apartment. This is one of the most important things you should have on your moving checklist because you don’t want to find yourself without electricity, running water, or the internet on your first night in a new home. Follow our step-by-step guide and transfer your utilities efficiently and in time.

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Step 1: Start Early When Transferring Utilities to Your New Home

As with everything related to relocation, you must get an early start to avoid common moving mistakes. Begin planning the transfer process three to four months before moving day. That way, you’ll have plenty of time to make every in-person appointment and get the rest of the tasks prepared.

Use Our Guide to Create a List of Your Utilities Before Moving

Right at the beginning, you should make a moving out list of each utility you’ll need. Draw a simple table of contents, including the category, provider, and their telephone number. Add a special note to remind you which one you are canceling, setting up, or transferring. We will write down some of the most important ones you should include on your list:

  • Electricity;
  • Gas;
  • Water and sewer;
  • Internet and cable TV;
  • Landline telephone;
  • Waste removal;
  • Home security.

Step 2: Contact Utility Companies

Contact the companies and inform them about your relocation. Do this at least three weeks before the move and make sure that you get serviced on the date you relocate. Here are the most important questions you should ask them:

  • What are the charges for transferring;
  • Does someone needs to be present when the company employee comes;
  • Do you pay a deposit to start the service and how do you get that money back;
  • What to do with leftover equipment.

Step 3: Pay Any Outstanding Balances

Make sure that everything is paid off before the relocation date, especially if you are canceling services. Remember to give the address to the provider for the final bills. Outstanding balances can hurt your credit score, and on the plus side, paying your bills will provide you with the opportunity to reimburse the deposit.

Step 4: Return Equipment

If you are canceling and changing your TV and internet provider, be sure to ask them if they need the equipment back. Many providers will want their routers or cable boxes returned.

Step 5: Update Your Address

You need to know how to change your address when you move because utility companies will need a new one to set up a service. They will also need your location to send future bills or return deposits. You can change your address by contacting USPS online or in-person.

Step 6: Confirm the Transfer of Utilities

A few days before you move, be sure to call each provider and check the dates you scheduled. Until the relocation is done, remember to always have your list of all providers near you just in case. Down below you’ll find some more things you’ll need to do one week before the move.

Arrange for Someone to Be Home for Utility Activation

Providers will usually give you a time range from 08:00 am to 05:00 pm on their arrival. When moving cross country, it is hard to be present and wait for them. That is why you should contact someone you know from your soon-to-be community, like a landlord or a neighbor, to be there in case of any unexpected issues or questions.

Read Your Meter Before Transferring Utilities

You should also arrange a final reading of gas, electronics, and water meters before they are shut off. Remember to keep a copy and make a comparison with the last bill you receive. That way, if your final bill is overcharged, you’ll be backed up by the documented confirmation of shut off day.

Step 7: Be Sure That Services Are Successfully Turned On

When all utilities are connected, go around the new apartment and check if everything is working properly. If something does not, contact the services provider immediately so that they can quickly send someone.

A Few More Additional Tips

The process of transferring company services is not that hard. You just have to start in time and stick to your list. Just in case, we will provide additional moving tips below.

  • How long does it take to transfer or switch electricity: If you are transferring electricity into a new home, service will start after approximately three business days after your deposit has been paid. If you are switching electricity providers, your service will be transferred to a new provider in seven days. Once the deposit is paid, the service will start in another seven days, approximately.
  • Can it be canceled online: If you have an online activated account, you can make an online request for cancelation.
  • Will there be a deposit payment: Each company will require payment of the deposit. If you don’t have an outstanding balance, you are qualified for reimbursement of this deposit.

That’s All There Is on How to Transfer Utilities When Moving

Switching or transferring services is not such a complicated task. You just have to start ahead and do careful planning. If you follow our step-by-step guide on how to transfer your utilities when moving, you can be assured you’ll do everything on time. To keep everything on track, be sure to hire reliable moving services that can offer storage facilities, and safely do the packing and transportation of your precious belongings.

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