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How to Pack Dishes for Moving – All the Pro Tricks

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It is easy to pack your clothes and books, but what to do with your beautiful mugs, fragile glasses, and other favorite things from your kitchen? You need to know how to pack dishes for moving to be able to enjoy a welcome drink or meal in your new place. Follow these handy tips to avoid an unnecessary headache.

All You Need to Know About Packing Dishes For Moving

What should I start packing to move? If this question puzzles you during your long-distance moving, leave the kitchen for the end. You can’t go wrong because packing your dishes requires special attention, and you should do it properly to avoid any of the common moving mistakes. Besides, you don’t want to break anything during the process of getting other rooms done. Read on to find out how to pack kitchen items for moving and save your time and energy.

What Do You Need for Moving Your Kitchen?

You can choose your go-to option here depending on your preferences, but you must have:

  • Packing paper or bubble wrap

Or some of the alternatives such as newspaper, towels, T-shirts, blankets, i.e., anything you can come up with that you can wrap around your dishes. So, how do you pack dishes for moving without paper? You can get creative while you learn how to pack glassware and other fragile kitchen items, but don’t go crazy. Sometimes it is better to spend a bit more money on packing paper and other moving essentials than to lose the dishes you need and like.

  • Boxes or dish packs (and tape)

First, ask yourself – how many moving boxes do I need? Then, try to find the best-sized boxes for moving your dishes. It is crucial not to overload your box. Thus, try to resist the temptation to put too many items inside! Also, make sure you tape your boxes well enough to keep the contents inside. Again, you can buy a dish pack, which is a special box for dishes that grants you better protection.

  • Markers

Don’t forget to put moving labels on your boxes when packing dishes. Write what is inside using a marker to easily unpack after a move. You should also mark which side is up on each separate set.

How to Pack a Box With Dishes When Moving to a Different Home?

Take a different box for every type of item. Make sure you follow your moving out list, in part dealing with the kitchen. Separate your belongings in a meaningful way. It is easiest to pair the same items (e.g., bowls can go with bowls). Be careful and combine only those of similar size. One of the tips for moving here is to stuff your boxes well – create a layer of protective material on top and bottom of the box and fill in all the extra space with paper or an alternative for it. Don’t stash more than four together e.g., four plates, four cups, etc – five is already a crowd!

How to Pack Dishes When Moving?

Knowing how to pack glassware for moving gives you the confidence to pack more fragile possessions such as china. Take all of the things you need and follow this simple guide to discover the best way to pack dishes.

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How Do You Pack Glasses for Moving?

If you want to understand how to pack dishes for moving, start from the glasses. First, take your packing paper and put some in the glass while you use the rest to wrap it around. If your glass has a stem, fold the paper around the stem and then around the whole glass. If you want to safeguard against all possible dangers, make a container using cardboard and place the glasses inside. Then create bars that separate the glasses one from another.

Take a look at this video to find out more about packing glasses.

Plates – Tips to Wrap and Pack Them Easily

If you want to know how to pack plates for moving, make sure you place them in the center of what you will use to fold around them. Then close them from all four corners. You will do yourself a lot of good if you don’t forget packing materials for moving. The more protection, the better. Fold the paper around individual plates and then around the whole bundle (remember not to pack more than four.)

Cleaning – When to Do It?

Though you might get tempted to clean and polish your plates to reduce your anxiety about moving out, cross that off your moveout cleaning checklist. No matter how hard you try to clean and pack, your dish can get stained in the process, especially if you are using newspapers as wrapping material. It is a time-saver to leave it as one of the things to do when moving into a new home and focus on other moving essentials while you are still only planning and thinking about moving across the country.

Expert Tips – How to Pack Dishes for Shipping?

If you want to know how to pack dishes for a move with success, check out these tips and tricks. They will help you regardless of whether you use the storage services of a cross country moving company or transfer your kitchen directly to your new place.

Put Them Vertically in the Box

Don’t put your dish horizontally over the other dish because that way, they will easily break if the road gets bumpy. Moving cross country is quite challenging as it is and you want to create a stress-free moving atmosphere. Check this once you finish packing and make the most of the space in your box.

Take Extra Care When Packing Fine China-Like Porcelain and Breakables

Moving breakables to your new home is a task you should plan ahead. It is not as important as auto transport or some other cross country moving services, but detailed preparation can help you realize how to save money on moving costs because you definitely don’t want to buy new dinnerware. Find the best box for your expensive and delicate objects, and use packing materials as much as you can. Pack these individually and label them properly so that your long-distance movers know they should handle them with care.

Don’t Get Steamed Up

The kitchen might be a bit hard to master. If you are still wondering how to prepare for a move and feel worried about the best way to pack your dishes, consider hiring a long-distance moving company and using their professional packing services. Cross country moving group you chose will make sure your things get to your new home in one piece. All you have to do is kick back and relax while cross country movers take care of everything.

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