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How to Organize a Garage Sale – Tips for Success

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Many people don’t know how to organize a garage sale, which is a great way to declutter a home and earn more money for cross-country moving company. If you were suggested to do so or plan on it, read how you can organize your auction and relocate efficiently.

It’s vital to learn how to set up for a garage sale and get rid of unwanted stuff, which many people forget to do when they move. Yard sales are recommended, especially if you ask professional movers. They’d tell you to declutter so they could provide a more efficient packing service and, overall, better cross-country moving services.

How Do I Set Up a Garage Sale? The First Step to Making Money From It

When planning your move, one of the most helpful relocation hacks is getting rid of unwanted stuff or decluttering. How you choose to get rid of this kind of stuff is your decision, but if you want to make the most out of relocating and starting a new life, it’s good to learn how to plan a garage sale.

Once you separate items you no longer want from those you plan to carry along, they typically fall under two categories: trash and sellable item. A sellable item is still in good shape, with little to no signs of wear and tear, and potentially unique and useful for a home.

Some successful garage sale tips include:

  • Hang clothes on a hanger and ensure they’re not damaged or too torn,
  • Place the things in better condition to the forefront,
  • Don’t try to sell stuff for more than $50,
  • Don’t overcrowd your lawn when selling stuff,
  • Be careful with baby stuff (some old purchased cribs ended up being unsafe for babies over the years,)
  • Ensure that everything you’re selling is legal in your state,
  • Put price tags on items and signs and labels next to them,
  • Advertise the event online and via flyers.
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What Never Sells at a Garage Sale? 10 Things In Your Home That Won’t Make You Money

As a garage sale planner, you have to know about the unsellable stuff, too (we already mentioned some in the bullet list above). Once you learn the ultimate sellable product list, you’ll earn some good cash that could go into the relocation budget even if you’re relocating without a job.

Here are ten things that rarely bring money at yard sales:

  • Underwear and socks,
  • Baby cribs (and anything else for babies, like car seats, walkers, and gates,)
  • Encyclopedias and textbooks,
  • Old electronics that aren’t meant for collectors,
  • Entertainment centers,
  • Souvenirs,
  • Used beauty products, like makeup,
  • Broken appliances,
  • Ugly or unfunctional decor,
  • Mugs and cups (these don’t seem to go so well anymore).

How to Organize a Garage Sale? Prepare the Items and Price Them Adequately

Among the more important garage sale organization tips is arranging the stuff correctly. When you prepare your front yard to sell many things, you must put the better-quality stuff at the forefront. Put up signs that label what’s what.

Another of many practical garage sale strategies is creating a welcoming atmosphere. That means taking care of your front lawn, trimming the hedges, and doing whatever else is necessary for it to look presentable. Additionally, adding easy listening music in the background will make it more pleasant for browsers.

As with relocating to another state, preparing for a successful auction requires a budget. However, the budget you want to have for yard sales is much lower than for moving and includes lots of smaller bills. Prepare your ones and fives, because you’ll be returning a lot of change.

How Should I Arrange My Yard Sale Items?

Your garage sale to-do list should include arranging the stuff correctly. Imagine it as a retail shop – the more appealing and better-shaped stuff should go to the front; get a table out and set everything on it, instead of on the grass or floor.

Hang clothes on hangers, but don’t cram too much on one. You can fold pants on a table, for example. If you’re selling books, you can arrange them in boxes, but put them on their sides so everyone can see the titles.

Imagine making a new apartment checklist. What would be on it? If you have sellable items that may end up on that list, advertise them as such. When decluttering, create a packing list, and whatever doesn’t belong on it should be sold.

If you have stuff you’d sell for a buck or less, put it up for free. Pile it up in a ‘free items’ box. People may get more encouraged to continue shopping if they encounter something free. You’ll be rid of unwanted stuff.


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How Much Should You Price Items at a Garage Sale?

Preparing for a garage sale also requires knowing how to price your sellables. Understandably, relocating to a new state alone requires a hefty budget, but that doesn’t mean you should sell something for its purchase price.

The unwritten rule of garage sale organizing is never pricing the items for more than 10% of the retail cost. Some more luxurious things can be bumped up to 20%, but lower prices mean better sales. After all, you’re not running a retail shop for real – just trying to get rid of stuff.

The woman in the video below is an expert in yard auctions; her tips may also help you understand how to price your things.

Announce the Selling Online and Put Up Flyers Around the Area

A short but vital thing to mention is creating an ad for the event. If you use social media, announce the auction there, with a clearly stated time and place. On Facebook, you can even create an event and invite people directly.

Additionally, if your community is large or there’s a park nearby that many folks visit daily, hang up some flyers around to notify everyone of the auction. Again, clearly state a time and where you’re planning it.

Add the fact that you have a ‘free pile’ or that you’ll also be having refreshments and music if you’re into that. Adding an appealing element to the event will likely make more people come and buy stuff.

Call Cross-Country Movers Group to Help You Pack After a Successful Auction

Now that you’ve learned how to do a garage sale consider your next relocation steps. To have a stress-free move, we recommend hiring cross-country movers. Paragon movers won’t only help you pack; we can also offer a car shipping service, which enables you to avoid relocation stress.

Next to that, we have storage services that will allow you to think ahead on time and make different plans in case something happens.

Not considering every scenario is one of the most common relocation mistakes, but we at Paragon are here to help you understand how easy planning to move can be. Contact us today, and put your yard sale’s earnings to good use.

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