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How to Change Your Address When You Move – a Step-by-Step Guide

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We spend so much time on house hunting and relocation, trying not to forget any detail or leave something behind, but as usual, there is that one little or not so little thing that we overlook. Do you know how to change your address when you move? Have you ever thought about it? Apparently, a lot of people tend to forget this tiny detail, so today, we are going to help you not become one of them.

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How to Change Your Address When You Move? Easily!

Changing the address is an essential step because you have to notify the right people and institutions about your relocation. And it really isn’t that difficult. Although the internet is full of practical tips for moving, those rarely include tips on how to update your address. That leads us to the conclusion that not changing the address has become one of the most common moving mistakes that people tend to make. Since there are several institutions you should contact and update about the place of your residence, let’s jump straight into it.

How to Update Your Address With Postal Services? Stop by Your Nearest Post Office

If you live close to your local post office, stop by and ask for a Mover’s Guide packet. There you will find a PS form 3575. Simply fill it out and return it to the staff. Within five business days, you will receive a confirmation letter and avoid paying any fees. You can also request by phone that the same form be mailed to you, with a verification fee of $1.05. An even more convenient option is to go through the process online. Let’s take a look into it.

The Fastest Method to Change Your Address Without Actually Going to the Post Office

You don’t have to physically visit an office to get this done. If you want to continue receiving your mail, magazine subscriptions, and bills, the easiest thing to do is to do the address update online. Simply visit the official USPS website and provide all the necessary information in the Change of Address (COA) form to start the process. Once it is completed, you’ll immediately get an email confirmation. This service is charged $1.05, and it can be done in a few minutes. You can even set the date; just make sure to do it at least one week prior to the move, so you can avoid any gaps and risk of losing your mail.

How to Avoid Fraud

As mentioned, this service will cost you only $1.05. However, when looking for information online, you’ll probably bump into all kinds of “agencies” that offer to do this instead of you for $40 or even more. That is a scam. You can add a new mail address without the help from any third-party agencies.

How to Change Your Address When You Move Temporarily

In case you need this type of service, ask to make a temporary change at your local post office. However, USPS has certain timeline rules for this service, so make sure you follow them. Some post offices can offer to hold your mail if you are on vacation. Create a USPS account to check if your local post office offers this service.

Can I Change My Request for Mail Address Update?

Yes. If you want to cancel it or make any changes, it is possible. All you need is the confirmation number you got in the email or letter of confirmation. Again, you can make all the changes online.

Do I Have to Inform Tax Agencies?

Yes, you do. Your state tax agency and federal revenue agency should be informed about the relocation. To inform the local state tax agency, visit the official webpage of your state and look for more detailed information. The majority of states allow you to do everything online, so it shouldn’t take a lot of your time. The IRS already has an online form for such changes.

Other Government Agencies That Should Be Informed

There are some other institutions you should keep in the loop about your place of residence. These are:

  • Social Security Administration
  • State Motor Vehicle Agencies
  • State Election Offices
  • Department of Veteran Affairs
  • US Citizenship and Immigration Services

What About My Home or Renters’ Insurance?

The insurance company should definitely be informed about this because they will need to transfer your policy. It is one of the things to do right after moving into a new home. In case you are renting and using renters’ insurance, know that some insurance companies will want to see proof of relocation before your relocation date. While you are talking with the insurance provider about that, make sure to ask about moving insurance: they might have a good policy to offer you.

Don’t Forget Loan Providers

Although we all wish we could forget about them, that’s not going to happen. Whether it is a student loan or something else, your loan providers need to be kept up to date with your relocation. So if you’re moving out for the first time, this is another thing to keep in mind. Also, we know that your budget will probably suffer during the relocation, but try to keep up with your installments and pay them on time to avoid interest.

Banks and Credit Card Companies Are Also on the List

You know how people tend to create those definitive moving out lists of this and that? Well, someone should create a list of all the things you should do regarding your address change. Banks and credit card companies should also be among your priorities when making a list of institutions you have to inform. Call your credit card company to inform them about your new place of residence. The same goes for any cards and loyalty programs you are a member of.

The Bottom Line

We know that every relocation is a change for the entire family, especially if you are moving with a toddler. After dealing with packing and moving services, having to contact numerous companies to inform them is probably the last thing you want to do. But it just has to be dealt with to avoid future problems. So prior to your relocation, make a list of everyone you need to inform about the location of your new home – it will ease the process.

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