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    When a long dreamed dream comes true, and you finally get to move to one of New York’s boroughs, like Brooklyn is, then there will be some planning to do. Book trustworthy Brooklyn movers that will handle your move professionally and help you experience the move without stress and any inconvenience.

    Cross Country Movers Group Can Help You With the Best Services and Make Your Move a Breeze

    Changing homes is always a stressful event. There are many things to think about and many tasks to organize if you want everything to go smoothly. While you can take all of the chores upon yourself, know that there is an easier way to do it. Luckily, it only requires you to find a good cross-country moving company in Brooklyn.

    If you hire Cross Country Movers Group, rest assured you’ll be in good hands. This is extremely important nowadays because being scammed will only worsen the whole long-distance relocation process. Make sure a relocation team is legitimate and check the reviews online to avoid that. We’re very proud of our work because we put many years into improving all of our services. And as a result, we have numerous satisfied customers and their positive reviews on our website.

    How Is the Cost of Our Service Calculated?

    When it comes to the pricing part, our clients will always know how much their move is going to cost. To do that, you will have to contact us and request a free quote. This will require you to pick the time of year for the move, choose how many services will be needed, and create an inventory list. The more stuff you have, the higher the relocation cost will be.

    If you happen to change your mind about an item, know that you can add or remove things from the list as many times as needed until the day before the move. You also have to enter where you are relocating from and the final destination, as this is needed to calculate the distance of the move. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service support. They will be happy to help you at any time of the day.

    Brooklyn Movers Have Got You Covered With an Efficient Packing Service

    Keeping everything under control during the whole move isn’t as easy a task as it might seem. Especially if you don’t have a helping hand of a professional relocation team by your side. The main reason for all this stress is probably the most tedious task you can’t avoid, and that’s packing.

    Our efficient team of packers has many years of experience in wrapping up belongings of any shape. So, when you contact us for a free quote, know that standard packing service will be already included. This means we’ll automatically take care of your furniture and bulky appliances.

    Don’t worry! All pieces of furniture and other bulky items will be packed with high-quality materials. This will ensure that all of your items arrive in one piece after the move. Also, after we arrive at your new destination, we’ll put all the pieces of furniture wherever you want.

    Besides Reliable Moving Services, Explore Additional Packing Options Our Movers in Brooklyn, NY Offer

    We all know how tiresome the wrapping up process can be, and any assistance than welcomed you’re relocating over a long-distance. Luckily, our Brooklyn moving company is there for you, and it has some of the most efficient packers in the industry. If you need some help, we offer two additional options to ease the whole wrapping process:

    • Partial services – getting this option means we’ll help you warp up to 15 boxes. It’s a great solution for people who have already started the boxing-up process and just need a helping hand with some of the items.
    • Full service – whether you need assistance wrapping more boxes or the entire household, we’ll efficiently take care of all the things from your inventory list.

    We’re One of the Moving Companies in Brooklyn, NY That Can Ship Your Car Safely to Another Location

    We at Cross Country Movers Group look after our customers’ needs, and one of the ways we achieve that is by providing you with secure and fast auto transport. People moving cross country also have to find a way to transport their vehicle to their destination, and hiring a professional relocation company that can ship your car securely will ease the whole process.

    However, if you are thinking about driving across the country on your own, know this might not be the greatest idea. The roads are very unpredictable, so it’s much safer to leave this task to our dedicated drivers. Unlike many other relocation companies, we put a lot of effort into our drivers, which do everything they can to ensure your vehicle arrives safely at your destination.

    Transportation With an Open or Enclosed Trailer – It’s Completely up to You

    When entrusting your vehicle to professionals will mean you’ll have multiple choices when it comes to transporting your four-wheeler. Here are two options we offer you:

    • Open trailer – this is a more affordable option, as the cars on the carrier will be transported on open air. While your vehicle won’t be protected from any external factors, like weather or dust, these trailers are still completely safe to use.
    • Enclosed trailer – if you want full protection for your four-wheeler, this is the option for you. Also, we recommend this kind of trailer for more exotic cars and those that can’t fit the regular trailer.

    You Can Also Pick the Most Suitable Delivery Option

    Another decision for you to make is the delivery and pick-up type. We understand people have different time schedules, and not everyone can wait for our drivers to deliver their vehicle. That’s why you can choose the terminal-to-terminal option. Your car will be waiting for you at the nearest terminal.

    However, if you can wait for our drivers, then door-to-door delivery will be just right for you. Once the time is arranged, our drivers will deliver your vehicle in front of your new doorstep. If you’re not sure what option is right for you, don’t worry. Our support crew will gladly help you decide and ensure you pick the most suitable one.

    We Offer You Free Storage Unit for Your Belongings

    Relocation requires many tasks to be done in order to have the least worries and concerns. For example, you’ve packed all of the belongings you wanted, but some of them just can’t fit your future place. All you need at that moment is a well-protected storage facility.

    Fortunately, we have some good news! We’re one of the Brooklyn moving companies that offer you storage facilities completely free for the whole month (30 days). You can keep all sorts of items in our storage units – from furniture to smaller possessions like books and alike.

    This is only one of many benefits you can experience if you choose us and entrust us with your relocation. Having this kind of possibility will not only save you a lot of money, but you can rest assured all of your belongings will be completely safe and preserved in our storage facilities. It’s because each of the units is temperature-controlled and completely secured.

    Include Reliable Moving Insurance for Your Possessions

    We’re proud of all options we have to offer to customers who decide to hire us. However, the most ticklish thing when it comes to transporting your stuff is the moving insurance customers get. People usually don’t realize that some accidents can happen. To give you a very bland example – some roads are simply bumpier than others.

    The good news is that our company will give you mandatory liability coverage. For each damaged item during the transport, you’ll get 60 cents per pound of the item. However, when it comes to more important belongings, we have full value replacement insurance. Check with our customer support and find out if you really need this additional option and how much it will cost.

    Don’t think we haven’t got your car covered by insurance. In fact, we have insurance for any external damage for open trailers up to $100,000 and for enclosed trailers up to $500,000.

    What Is So Special About This New York’s Borough?

    If you’re planning on relocating to one of the most popular New York City boroughs, know that it’s a residential place that will give you numerous opportunities. Just the fact that it’s in NYC explains a lot, but the proximity to Manhattan only increases the value of this place. If you’re looking for a place that will give you a hipster vibe, and yet you’ll feel like you’re home, this is just the borough for you.

    With globally known brownstone buildings and beautiful streets, it’s the most populated NYC borough. In fact, more than 2.5 million people call it home. If it was a city, it would be the fourth largest city in the USA, so you get a bigger picture of how large the place is actually.

    Having good connections with other places in NYC will provide opportunities other boroughs probably won’t. For example, most people living in Brooklyn are actually working and commuting to Manhattan. The job opportunities are vast, and with the subway, commuting won’t be a problem.

    Explore the Cost of Living and Pick the Best Neighborhood to Live In

    No matter where you’re relocating, checking the cost of living is one of the first things you should do. In some cases, it can completely change our perspective of the perfect neighborhood and home you’ll be living in. Since you’re planning to move to the most vibrant and important city in the world and its most populous borough, you need to check the range of renting and buying property prices.

    If you want to buy a house here, you’ll need about $870,000. When it comes to renting, expect around $3,000 per month. Of course, prices can vary depending on several factors, including size, location, and quality. Being densely populated, this borough has many neighborhoods to choose from. Here are some of the top-ranked ones:

    • Carroll Gardens – if you’re a food lover, having a home surrounded by a diverse range of restaurants and pizzerias means your dream comes true. Add a laid-back vibe of a village with pretty parks, and this Italian-American community has it all.
    • Park Slope – this family-friendly neighborhood is s the perfect place to settle in, particularly if you have little ones. While there are plenty of excellent schools and parks and sidewalks lined with trees, it doesn’t feel like a boring suburb at all. It certainly helps that the area also has many bars, restaurants, and coffee shops.
    • Greenpoint – the combination of charming vintage and on-trend style is what makes this neighborhood so popular and appealing for most people. It features modern crystal shops, Polish pierogies diners, and warehouses transformed into indie boutiques all in one place. Looking pretty cool and delightful is what Greenpoint managed to pull out.
    • Cobble Hill – A lively neighborhood with antique stores, independent galleries, and bookshops, this is the place where most of the young professionals are looking to settle in.
    • Dumbo – this neighborhood is becoming more and more popular because more than a few businesses are relocating their headquarters from Manhattan here.

    Contact One of Best Relocation Companies to Move You From or to the Populous Borough of New York

    Finding a professional company with trustworthy relocation services is one of the essential things when moving across the country. Our crew will give you a helping hand with wrapping up process and storage units, no matter if you’re relocating to or from the most populous boroughs of NYC. Check our quote and plan your long-distance move like a pro adequately.

    Cross Country Movers Group Reviews

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    My husband and I recently made a cross country move from SF Bay area to Maryland. We used Cross Country movers and had an excellent experience. Researching online about long-distance moves resulted in many very negative and costly experiences, so we were naturally concerned about selecting a moving company. None of those concerns applied to our experience with CCM and we highly recommend their services.

    From the walk-thru with us for the estimate, to preparation, packing and pick-up, their entire team was a pleasure to work with. On moving day, the team was very professional and responsive. I had packed the majority of our household goods, but left the larger and more fragile items, along with the furniture, to be packed by CCM. They were extremely careful with our household goods in disassembly, packing and loading. They were very efficient and completed the load up in the time frame promised (1.5 days). They made sure to address any concerns we had with the move process and the security of our furniture and goods before they left.

    Wendi W. 12/04/2017

    I had a great experience with a move from Baltimore to NYC. I only had a few items, and contacted them kind of close to my moving time. Despite my being a last minute relatively small customer, they were super responsive and everything was organized seamlessly. Everything even arrived exactly when they said it would. Will definitely bookmark them for any future moves.

    Kris T. 10/09/2017

    Tim was the person who organized my move. He was extremely helpful and responsive. They coordinated movers on the pickup and delivery end who were professional and quick. I have to leave off one star because there was a LOT of drama in delivery — after waiting nearly 3 weeks for delivery I was told my stuff would be delivered after the “guaranteed” deadline. Three hours arguing over the phone got them to make the delivery happen in the agreed upon time. Other than being without my things for 3 weeks — almost longer — it was an overall positive experience! All my items are accounted for and looking good. Thanks to everyone, especially Tim, for your help!

    Rachel E. 9/13/2017

    Cross Country Movers were extremely helpful to me as I haven’t moved for many years, and they didn’t know where to start, however everything sorted with no trouble. The company were still able to accommodate me they did everything they promised, worked to a deadline, were cheerful and very helpful. Nothing was too much trouble or damaged and everything delivered on time as it was promised. I would happily recommend Cross Country Movers to anyone. If I will consider moving again they would be my first choice Cross Country

    Sarah C. 5/12/2016

    I highly recommend Cross Country Movers for several reasons. I had them pack my stuff which they did with sheer excellence. If anything, they kinda over-protected my stuff with tons of paper and padding. They were in and out unbelievably fast. The stuff arrived on time in LA and delivered expertly as well. Nothing was damaged at all!!!They even unpacked my 4 clothes boxes and hung the stuff in the closet for me. This was not really part of the deal. Their price was unbelievably lower than the 5 other movers I had gotten quotes from. Their men were polite and professional. Honestly, if you are moving, this is definitely a company you should check out. I would refer them to anyone!

    Robby B. 5/04/2016

    Brooklyn Cross Country Movers Group Review


    I’ve used their moving service both from VA to CA and from CA back to VA over the years and it never disappointed me. They print out bar codes for every little thing, even a bucket, so that no item gets lost/damaged. Not to mention the pricing is the most competitive in the market (has always been the lowest!)

    You won’t regret going with these guys!

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