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14 Best Places to Live an Outdoor Lifestyle

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If you are an adventurous thrill-seeker, you might wonder what are the best places to live outdoor lifestyle? Scattered all over the US, there are cities that offer an adrenaline-pumping outside entertainment while also being great places to settle down and create a new home.

If you want to lead a nature-related lifestyle, relocating to a town that offers numerous opportunities for hiking, biking, rafting, and other outdoor activities is the right choice.

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Boston, Massachusetts – One of the Best Places to Live an Outdoors Lifestyle

Boston is home of the Boston Common, the oldest public park in the US consisted of 50 acres of land. Designated as a Boston landmark in 1977, it is full of open space, including Boston Public Garden and a harbor perfect for boating and other water activities.

The city is also home to the legendary ballpark Fenway and the world-famous Boston Marathon. The 34 peninsulas and islands nearby are just a short ferry ride away. Boston Harbor Islands National and State Park are great for hiking, trail running and paddling.

Salem – Honor the Halloween

Just north of Boston is Salem, an ideal place for those seeking fun and adventure. It is a great spot for people seeking entertainment in the great outdoors. If you are a resident of Salem, October is the most important month, with over 500 events dedicated to Halloween.

If you are up for a hike, you can visit the Salem Willows Park. It offers video arcades, picnic areas, kayaking, and a seaside promenade. Salem Woods also can be used for picnics, hikes, biking, and many more activities.

New York City – an Unlikely Oasis

New York doesn’t seem like the first choice for those seeking a nature-related lifestyle, but you would be surprised by the great opportunities that it offers. It has parks with running surfaces, like running loops in Central Park. There are also upstate parks scattered around the Big Apple, with mountain biking and cross country skiing options.

Manhattan has a lot to offer when it comes to water sports. The Hudson River is perfect for kayaking in summer. The beach is just over the bridge in Brooklyn, and if you are up for swimming, you can always visit Coney Island.

If you want to stay close to the busy corporate life, but at the same time enjoy in nature-related activities, this metropolis is the place for you.

The South – Charleston, S. Carolina

Located on the Atlantic coast of South Carolina, Charleston is a place for thrill-seekers looking to spend some exciting time in nature. It is home to the Chucktown Showdown, a paddleboard event held in the Charleston Harbor in October. If you are interested in competing on four- and nine-mile paddleboarding courses, this might be a perfect fit for you.

Summers are hot and humid, but the town has many parks that can help you take a breezy and relaxing walk.

Atlanta, Georgia – an Urban Oasis 

If Charleston is not for you, just a little bit to the west is Atlanta, the capital of the state of Georgia. The Big Peach is an urban oasis that takes pride in its large green spaces. There are more than 343 parks scattered throughout the town. Almost every neighborhood has a green space of its own.

Atlanta also has 125 miles of multi-use trails. Besides, it has a multitude of waterways, from creeks to rivers and waterfalls.

Little Rock, Arkansas – Enjoy Paddling in the Natural State

The capital of Arkansas, the Natural State, is a place where every day is a chance for a fresh adventure. Little Rock’s Pinnacle Mountain State Park is a popular spot for enthusiastic hikers, rock climbers, stargazers or paddlers.

The Big Dam Bridge is the second-longest bridge in the US constructed specifically for pedestrians and bicyclists, and it is part of 14 miles of hiking and cycling trails. In the Interstate Park, you can paddle between the 300-year-old cypress trees and encounter some of the 188 species of birds that live here, within the heart of the town. And if you are into golf, Little Rock has the variety, quality, and quantity to make your golfing experience memorable.

Top Places in California – San Francisco

City by the Bay is famous for bridges, Victorian architecture, hilly landscape, and diverse people. But it is also considered one of the best cities in the US if you are a pedestrian looking to explore San Francisco on foot.

San Francisco’s rectangle-shaped Golden Gate Park is around 20% larger than Central Park and hosts 13 million visitors every year. Consisted of several smaller parks, it has a botanical garden, a zoo, and a golf course.

Flying over San Francisco on a 10-meter rope? Sure thing! Hung from a eucalyptus tree atop a Glen Park, this swing provides a view of the skyline at night. The ride is exciting during the day as well, when it offers a view of East Bay’s Mount Diablo.

Los Angeles – Catch an Ideal Day for Surfing

Los Angeles is surrounded by rugged mountains, beaches, and desert landscapes. It is a place to explore amazing natural sceneries, from the hills to the sea.

Places like Marina Del Rey offer relatively calm waters with several spots to rent boards. You can paddle along and enjoy the view. Or you can hit Zuma Beach and catch the biggest waves.

Long Beach – Perfect for Festivals and Activities

This Southern California coastal town is a place with one of the most favorable weather in the whole of the Golden State. Long Beach is perfect for music festivals and activities.

If you go on a harbor cruise, you can enjoy the view of Long Beach harbor and the Queen Mary ship. Besides, Long Beach is abundant with sea life including whales, dolphins, seals, and marine birds.

Since Long Beach is nestled right along the harbor, it offers a perfect setting for a walk or a bike ride. Among other popular tourist attractions, Long Beach is hosting the Toyota Grand Prix, the longest-running major street race held in North America.

The Pacific Coast – Seattle, Washington

Surrounded by water on two sides, Seattle is perfect for water sports like kayaking, sailing, and boating.

Living in the Emerald City gives you access to a variety of parks. Seattle Parks and Recreation Department takes care of over 400 of them. Most of them are dog-friendly.

Seattle is fit for biking since downtown has installed “biker only” lanes. If you want to go cycling, visit Burke-Gilman Trail, a 27-mile trail that is cutting across the north side of the city.

Anchorage, Alaska – the Best Place to Enjoy Glacier Hikes 

North of watery Seattle, you will find the Anchorage area with almost 2000 square miles and plenty of outside activities you can pursue.

If you are planning on moving to Alaska, know that living there means living a fulfilled nature-related lifestyle.

There are numerous hiking trails. One of the most popular is Flat Top, with a 1350 ft vertical climb. There are also Williwaw Lakes, O’Malley Peak, and Rabbit Lake trail. When hiking, you can even reach some of the Anchorage area’s glaciers.

Denver, Colorado – Cycling Paradise

The capital of Colorado can provide you with multiple options if you want to pursue an outdoor lifestyle.

Climbing to Rocky Mountain National Park showcases the beauty of the Colorado mountains. But if hiking is not for you, Denver’s Confluence Park offers the chance for some exciting kayaking adventures.

Denver is also a cycling paradise. With 85 miles of trails and 300 days of summer, this is the right place for you want to explore the beautiful surroundings on your bike.

Minneapolis, Minnesota – Town of Parks and Lakes

If kayaking in Denver is not for you, maybe the northern state of Minnesota can offer you an interesting place to live in. Minneapolis is mostly known for its parks and 22 lakes. The 759-acre Theodore Wirth Park is an urban forest with wooden trails that will make every adventure-seeking person excited. There you can find a lake, golf courses, and several gardens.

If biking is more your thing, you can enjoy 226 miles of bike paths that Minneapolis has. But if you are more into kayaking, Lakes Harriet and Nokomis are the places for you.

Reno, Nevada

Reno features more than 300 days of sunshine each year, so the opportunities for outside fun are endless. Summer days are great for hikes and mountain biking in some of the most diverse terrains.

There are 40 miles of mountain routes nearby that are used for biking, hiking and running.

If you get bored of walking and riding a bike, there is skiing in Tahoe and climbing in Yosemite.

No matter where you decide to move, have in mind that the process of moving from your current place is tricky. Hire a good moving company to help you with your packingmoving, and car shipping. Make sure to pick a place where you can start enjoying your new outdoor life as soon as possible.

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