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When you have planned on moving across the country in the near future, you probably seek solutions to help make the whole event a bit easier. And the quality car shipping service is just that – an excellent aid in all things related to your relocation. Luckily, you’re at the right place – Cross Country Movers Group is just the company you seek.

No two relocations are the same, and anyone that has moved more than once can tell you so. As time passes, we accumulate more and more stuff and perhaps buy more than one vehicle. Statistics show that it is a fact, as US households have 1.88 vehicles on average. Beyond that, Americans love to move, both near and far – for love, career, retirement, or any other reason. Some people may choose to move for the love of craft beer, others because they are huge sports fans, and sometimes life takes us over a long distance. And many times our cars move with us.

Why Is Auto Transport Important for People Who Need to Move?

So what do we do with our precious four-wheelers when moving? We may choose to drive all the way to our new home, or perhaps sell and buy a new one once we’re settled. But the most obvious choice, and certainly the wisest, would be to ship. Having a vehicle (or two) is one of the most convenient things the modern age has brought us. It’s our very personal means of transport and sometimes essential for our jobs. We run errands behind the wheels, take our kids to birthday parties, and generally spend a lot of time inside our cars.

The same goes when we change our address – we might need our vehicle right away, so selling it should be out of the question. But driving it by yourself is something you should discard as an option, too. It’s tiresome, straining, and might damage your car in the process. That’s why sending it with a cross-country moving company is a great decision.

Choose Wisely When Picking Car Shipping Companies

We all love our cars, and we wouldn’t hand them over to just anyone. So how do you pick the best car shipping company out there? It’s simple because it’s a similar process to the one you undergo when you search for moving companies. Search online as the first step, and then look at the customer reviews as the next. Reviews are the most basic way to narrow down your options. Then contact each of those companies you’ve picked and ask for a quote, but keep in mind that you should stay away from a low-ball quote. It’s usually a red flag because such low prices probably mean there are many hidden costs waiting to be revealed.

With the Cross Country Movers Group, everything is transparent. We always strive to do our business to the best of our ability and in the interest of our clients. Our pricing and our quote are always based on the services you pick and a few other factors, and there will be no unpleasant surprises with us.

Looking for an Auto Shipping Company That Lets You Decide on All Options?

Many companies can ship your car, but Cross Country Movers Group is a company that offers more. Since relocating with us means that we will do everything in our power to help make your move comfortable and effortless, that’s why we also provide several different options when it comes to car transport. Each of our services is adjustable both to your needs and budget so that you can pick accordingly.

Pick the Auto Transport Service to Use for Your Vehicle – Open vs. Enclosed

If you have never shipped your car before, you’ll be perhaps surprised to hear that there’s not only one type of trailer available but two. Their differences lie not only in their build but also in the number of cars they can carry, and of course – in price:

  • An open carrier is both the more available and more affordable option. These carriers can ship up to nine cars at once, which are loaded, strapped, and secured before we begin the transport. Since this type of trailer is open from all sides, so it has no sides or roof, the car will be exposed to all the weather conditions and road dirt. This doesn’t mean it won’t be secured, just in need of a wash after its delivery.
  • An enclosed carrier is the pricier option, usually picked by owners of expensive cars, such as show, classic, or sports vehicles. This type of carrier is called an enclosed one because it’s closed from all sides and keeps your car completely protected. We can load up to five cars on this trailer, and each one of them will arrive spotlessly at its destination. This might also be the more convenient choice for transport in winter too.

While each carrier has its own advantages (the price for open and protection on enclosed) as well as disadvantages (the cost of enclosed and weather conditions on open ones,) they are both secure. In the end, your decision comes down to which of them suits you better.

Auto Pick-up and Delivery Solutions Fit for Your Budget

After you’ve made your choice between an open and enclosed carrier for shipping auto to your new home, you should also decide between our pick-up and delivery services. We provide two options to our customers:

  • The door-to-door pick-up and delivery is a bit pricier, but also very popular with our clients. What makes it so desirable is its convenience because you won’t have to leave your home to hand over the vehicle. Instead, our crew will come directly to your doorstep and pick the car and later deliver it to your new address.
  • The other option is the terminal-to-terminal pick-up and delivery. It’s the more affordable of the two, but it requires you to have a bit more free time. There are designated locations where you should drive and drop off your car, which can later be picked up at a terminal station closest to your new home.

Whichever option you pick to use, we will take utmost care of your car and deliver it to you in a timely manner.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Vehicle?

So how exactly does our company form the quote? There are several factors that will determine how much it will cost you to ship your vehicle with us:

  • The distance our company has to travel to pick up and later deliver your wheeler counts into our price forming. Here we include things like labor costs for our crew members, fuel charges, and tolls during transport.
  • Both the size and the weight are decisive factors when we’re determining the quote. As our carriers can only carry a certain number of cars or a certain weight, the heavier and larger your wheeler is, the more it will affect the cost.
  • One of the important things about the cars we ship is the make and model. If you’re wondering why it is that, it’s simple – luxury and classic cars will require more security and protection, so their transport will be more costly.
  • The length of vehicles will be decisive in the same way as the weight, and the size is. Since the length of an average sedan is around 189 inches, it’s desirable to ship a car that’s exactly the same length or preferably less. Longer vehicles will take up more space, so that the quote will be higher.

The Season Can Affect the Cost of Auto Shipping in a Great Manner

Whoever has already gone through a move knows that it’s not the same to move during warmer months and in the winter. It’s not only that you have to travel in warm clothes during winter months or rummage through your stuff to look for boots and gloves. Moving off-season is way cheaper than in the middle of it. What does it mean, exactly? The moving season begins in May and lasts until the beginning of September, mostly because people tend to move when it’s warm and when their kids are out of school for the summer break. So choosing to move in any other month will highly affect the price.

Preparing Your Vehicle for Auto Transportation Takes a Few Steps

Before you let our trained crew members take over your precious wheeler, there are a few preparatory steps you should take. The initial step is to prepare all the necessary paperwork in advance. You’ll need to present car registration, insurance papers, proof that you own the car, and its original title. Also, prepare an ID proof, such as a passport or driver’s license.

The next step is to wash and clean your car thoroughly, inside and out. While it may seem counterintuitive before it gets shipped on an open carrier, it’s actually done to record any existing damage and scratches on its exterior. So the next logical step is to document the damage that is now visible. A car shipped on our trailer, especially enclosed, is highly protected, so it’s unlikely any harm will come to it. However, detailed photos of the car will serve in the case you have to file a claim.

Empty it of personal possessions, too, especially of any valuables you have inside and don’t forget to drive it for a routine check-up. The final steps include emptying the gas tank but leaving about one-quarter of gas inside.

It’s a Long Trip, but Your Car Is Both Secured and Insured

Our company works hard not only to make each move swift for our customers but also to give them a high sense of security. That’s why we provide you with different types of coverage, and it’s no different with car shipping. Any exterior damage on your car that’s been in auto transport on an open trailer will be covered up to $100,000, while any such damage that happens on an enclosed trailer will be covered up to $500,000.

Use This Solution as a Standalone Service or Bundle It up With Your Relocation

Car shipping is a neat and convenient solution that takes care of many potential problems while moving cross country. It helps you avoid driving stress, straining the car, and logistics on the road. But auto transport isn’t only available as a service for our customers on the move because it’s also a standalone service. You can use it even if you’ve bought a new car and you want us to ship it to your home. But bundling it up with other services comes with a great advantage, in the form of a hefty discount.

Cross Country Movers Group Is Your Best Choice for All Things Moving-Related

As we’ve been in the industry for some time, we have years of experience to back us up. It’s what allows us to understand our customers and any needs that they may have so that we can offer a solution. Our services are tailored to your requirements and your content is our goal. You can contact us today and talk to one of our customer service representatives to get additionally informed on any relocation-related topic that interests you. You can also contact us to get a free quote and talk about which of our many services will fulfill your moving needs.

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