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If you chose to move to one of the safest places in California, you shouldn’t risk your move not being as safe as possible as well. And with our Anaheim movers, you’ll relocate to the close vicinity of the Disneyland Resort in the swiftest and most efficient manner. Here is how a professional team can help you get where you need to go.

You Haven’t Known Tranquil Relocation Until You’ve Hired the Best Movers in Anaheim, California

No matter how many times you’ve moved across the country, each time a relocation starts approaching it seems like a daunting fate more than an exciting adventure. And it’s no wonder since it requires ultimate focus and commitment if it is to be done without any mistakes.

Don’t think that these feelings are individual to you – actually, relocation is considered to be the third most stressful experience people go through. However, every problem has its remedy – and yours isn’t that hard to come by – all you’ll need is a crew of professional movers by your side.

Purchase Cross Country Movers Group’s Relocation Services for the Ultimate Moving Experience

As an Anaheim moving company that knows moving cross country inside and out, we suggest anyone starting a new chapter of their lives to consider obtaining moving services. Our standard relocation packet is an easy and affordable way to get all your things transferred to an address of choice – whether it’s your future home or a storage unit.

Within our relocation service, you’ll find a multitude of benefits and services provided. We will provide you with a truck, make sure all your furniture and basic appliances are meticulously packed and secured within the truck and insure everything with a standard insurance package. Additionally, we will supply you with a free month of storage use where you can leave anything and everything that is currently a surplus of your inventory.

Our Charging Process is Transparent and Clear, and We Pride Ourselves on Our Straightforward Billing, Void of Hidden Fees

Our services are affordable, but even more importantly, they are transparent. While there are certainly “moving companies” in Anaheim, CA, that employ relocation scams, you can rest assured we aren’t among them. All of our costs are sketched out in a detailed and organized way in the free quote we provide our (potential) customers with.

That is to say that you don’t have to subscribe to one service to get a quote detailing our services, costs, and expenses. We won’t surprise you with any hidden fees – what you see is what you get. And the only thing we use as the point of reference for our billing is the size of your inventory.

Get an Anaheim Packing Company to Box Up Your Items so That They Are Safe and Sound in Transportation

If you already have a truck and don’t require the entirety of our relocation service, you still might need a helping hand or two when it comes to packing. Our movers are pros when it comes to ensuring and boxing up your items, whether they are bulky and robust or fragile and delicate.

With Our Anaheim Movers, You Can Choose Between Packing Services to Find the One That Works Best

Depending on the size of your household inventory and the quantity of stuff you own, you might choose on either partial or full packing services. The first one implies that we’ll package up to fifteen boxes worth of items, while the second one means we’ll take care of everything you own (or more than fifteen containers at least). We can bring our own packaging materials, supplies, and equipment and leave you worry-free to deal with other activities related to the move.

We’ll Provide You With a Month of Free Storage to Store Anything You No Longer Require

Not all people want to pack up all their belongings and ship them long distance. Sometimes, you might want to switch up the vibe of your home or just don’t have the space for that sofa you use once in a blue moon. In that case, you might want to sell your things or throw them away, but making this decision can take time and mental effort you may not have in the middle of a move.

By employing our company, you’ll have a full month of free storage use to safe-keep your stuff until you find them a better and more permanent home. Of course, you can contact our support team to have your storage use prolonged to however long you wish. And once you’re done with using it, we’ll safely get your items back.

Our Anaheim Movers Can Ship Your Vehicle Across Country in No Time

Driving to your destination in California isn’t the wisest thing to do amidst a move, no matter how good of a driver you are. Even if you don’t have to travel for a full day, it isn’t recommended to drive the distance on your own. The truth is, it can be hard to keep the focus on the road ahead when all you’re thinking about is all the relocation-related tasks. Additionally, it can take a long time to get from one coast to another, so why not hop on a plane and leave us to worry about auto moving?

Our Cross Country Moving Company Provides Multiple Shipping Options for You to Choose From

If you decide to ship your vehicle, you’ll have to make a few more resolutions. You’ll have to choose in which trailer you’ll place the car, as well as the location your vehicle will be shipped to. We let you choose the option that you think works best for your specific move, and here is what options you can choose from:

  • Enclosed trailer – All those car lovers out there might not want to look further than an enclosed trailer. It’s definitely the safest and most secure option when shipping a vehicle, although it is somewhat more expensive than the alternative. With it, you’ll have your vehicle shipped in a closed container, shielded from any external factors such as extreme weather conditions. Either way, your vehicle will be insured for up to $500,000.
  • Open trailer – Open trailer is by far the most popular and widely used option for car-shipping. It’s great for those with multiple vehicles, as one container holds up to nine vehicles. Although it will be exposed to potential bad weather, your car will be insured for up to $100,000 of external damage.
  • Door-to-door auto transport – If you don’t want to deal with the logistics of getting your car from a pickup location, you should decide on this pickup option. We’ll have your car parked safely in your driveway, waiting for you to reach your destination.
  • Terminal-to-terminal car shipping – A somewhat more affordable option is getting your vehicle to a pickup location. We have multiple venues scattered throughout the country, and we are sure you can find one that is not far from your home.

If You Want a Full Value Replacement Insurance, Feel Free to Upgrade Our Mandatory Insurance Packet

Rarely, if ever, do the loads we carry experience any damage. However, just to be on the safe side, we’ll provide you with mandatory insurance that will cover 60 cents per pound of your items. If you want to secure objects of extreme value or rare nature, you might want to upgrade this insurance for a long-distance move.

We provide customers with a full value replacement insurance that applies to things we’ve packed. It is perfect for anyone transporting heirlooms, artwork, or vintage items. If you have any further questions regarding the ways in which we can help or our insurance, we recommend contacting our staff to have your doubts resolved, and you can even get your free quote while you’re at it.

It Is Thrilling to Share the Zip Code With Disneyland, But the City of Trees Has a Lot More to Offer

Anaheim, California, might be best known for being home to a huge Disneyland Complex. However, this wonderful (not to mention safe) area has a lot more to offer. From a crime rate 15% lower than the rest of the state to great schools and amazing beaches, it’s no wonder the city is a desirable place to live in. There is something for everyone here, and if you by any chance get bored, just hop to the nearby Los Angeles.

Consider Housing and Living Cost Prior to Setting on a Neighborhood

Unfortunately, living in the Heart of Orange County comes with a higher cost. The city is just behind NYC when it comes to living costs, and on average, a single adult will need an income of around $32,000 after taxes to live comfortably.

Luckily, there is a vast field of job opportunities, and the unemployment rate is merely 5%. However, that allows the rental fees to span from around $2,300 to over $3,000. If you decide on one of the best (in our humble opinion, at least) neighborhoods, you’ll see that every penny was worth it:

  • Anaheim Hills – Just on the eastern brink of the city, you’ll find this wonderful master-planned neighborhood. Embedded in nature, one most often sees in pictures, the Hills provide a serene environment just a few minutes away from beaches. The area will work for both families and single individuals, as there is a multitude of housing options to choose from.
  • Platinum Triangle – Platinum Triangle is a fresh, posh, up-and-coming district of the city. It is close to big business centers, so it’s perfect for young professional business people looking to excel in their careers. While housing is on the pricier side, it is perfectly located with easy access to three highways, so you can travel easily wherever you wish.
  • The Colony Historic District – If you want to live in the first neighborhood in the city, you won’t find a better one than the district created in 1857. It has everything you might want to see – from amazing architecture to parks, attractions, and even breweries and famous restaurants. Other than vintage homes, you’ll be able to rent loft apartments and townhomes as well.

Our Moving Company Experts Can Help You Relocate Out of the City Too if You Wish

Most of the time, people hire movers to relocate to the Heart of Orange County rather than from it. However, if this is one of those rare occasions a customer wishes to travel in the opposite direction, our professional team will be with you in no time as well. You will have all of the aforementioned services available to choose from, and we’ll help with anything else you may need.

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