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Relocating across the country to a new place is both mentally and emotionally exhausting. You can’t help but feel the pressure from moving stress. But, imagine what moving with kids is like. If you thought it was hard just relocating on your own, relocating an entire family is twice that. To give you what you need to combat the stress of relocating with little ones, here are some useful tips to get you and your family into your new home.

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How Do You Tell a Child They Are Moving

We understand that, when you have children, you want to protect them to the best of your abilities, so you might feel the need to keep them away from all of the relocation stress. Even though your heart is in the right place, it’s more likely to put more strain on your little ones by keeping them in the dark. You have to trust that they can handle it and reassure them that this is a normal part of life. Hearing that from you will do wonders for their emotional and mental wellbeing.

Tell Your Kids Early

The longer you wait to tell your little ones you’re switching homes, the more anxiety they’ll feel. If they aren’t aware of the change, they’ll assume nothing and live life like normal. Suddenly dropping that big of a bomb on them will likely flip their whole world upside-down. We suggest that, as soon as you get the necessary details of your move ironed out, you should tell them. It will give them time to process the change and provide them with a chance to say goodbye to their old home and friends. Giving them that closure will let them better adapt to change later on in their lives.

Tips on Getting Your Kids Prepared to Move

As an adult, it can be exhausting getting out of the door sometimes, and it gets much more tiresome when you have kids. In other words, you should start getting prepared to relocate with children much earlier than you would by yourself or with a partner – it’s a long process and could take months to pull off.

The Big Day is Approaching – What to Do Before the Move:

You have a lot to do with so many days, and you’re going to need as much help as you can get before moving to a new state. Fortunately for you, there are some valuable tips to get your family on track and ready to move.

  • Keep them busy so you can pack – The last thing you want is for your child to be bored during the packing process, so you should find creative ways to keep your little ones entertained or focused on something else. This is where nap time, video games, a separate toy box, or going outside can come in handy.
  • Color-code your boxes – Loading and unloading boxes is already a tough job, and it can be confusing when figuring out what goes where. Using different colored tape for boxes when packing is a great way to organize and makes for great moving labels. You’ll be able to tell what box goes to what room. On top of that, your little ones will likely be entertained by all the colors, and if they are old enough, they might even help you label your cartons.
  • Give your kids small tasks to do – Most little ones want to be a part of what’s going on. What better way to make them feel included than to have them involved by giving them small tasks. You can have them help pack up toys, show them how to build boxes, and if they’re old enough, they can handle things like folding and packing clothes or freeing up space by decluttering the house or apartment.
  • Take them out for some fun – Remember that all of this action is not only physically straining, but mentally as well. Why not take your family out for ice cream or to a place where they can relax and have fun? It’s a nice little reward for all of the hard work you’ve all put in.

Tips For Packing and Moving with Children

When relocating with kids, you can never get enough tips. Check out the video below for some extra advice.

Advice for Parents – Always Ask for Help

If you ask any parent who’s ever moved with their children how they managed to do it, they know that you’ll need to ask for as much help as possible. The plain and simple truth is you cannot do it alone. Trying to do it by yourself will have you pulling your hair out before the week is over. We suggest finding any help that you can.

Find a Good Babysitter While Relocating

With all that you have to do, you likely won’t have the time to give your little ones the attention they need. Give them too much attention, and you’re prolonging your relocation. An excellent solution to this problem is to find a reliable babysitter, a daycare program, or someone you know trustworthy enough to watch your babies while you’re free to get to work. It will save you loads of time, and you won’t have to worry about what and how they’re doing as much. If you’re planning on getting packing services, hiring a babysitter will keep your little ones out of the way of packers.

Hire a Moving Company

Another good idea is to hire a reputable long-distance relocation company to handle some, if not all, of the relocation work for you. Many of them have top quality relocation services that you can rely on to take care of your relocation. If you aren’t planning on driving to your new home, you can also use an auto transport service and have your car delivered to you conveniently.

Switch Schools During Break Weeks

Having to switch homes is already psychologically disorienting on its own, especially for children. But, there’s the added anxiety for your kids when it comes to switching schools. They’ll have to adjust to a new environment, new people, find a way to fit in, and make new friends. Moving during the holidays is the best time to move, so your kids have a smoother transition.

Inform The School Before Break

Having your child switch schools is not a simple task. First, you’ll have to find a school to enroll your child in when you move, and there’s most likely a waiting list once you’ve provided all the required information and filled out an application form. If chosen, you will have to notify the old school that your child will no longer be enrolling with them due to relocation. This will give both schools time to make the necessary arrangements, and provide them with the chance to say goodbye.

A Common Relocation Mistake for Families – Being Unprepared

You don’t want your family to move and have last-minute problems appear later in the process. Before relocation day, double-check and make sure that you have everything for you and your kids. It would be best if you had plenty of things to do for them during travel, food, and other essentials ready. If you’ve booked professional moving services, then you should have far fewer things to stress over. But, overall, make sure you have all of your bases covered and look for other moving tips for a smooth and easy move.

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