Best Apps for a Perfect Photo Inventory

5 Best Apps for a Perfect Photo Inventory

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The moving process needs careful planning and superb services to run smoothly. Even with numerous precautions, some items might break or get lost. Photo inventory might represent the perfect way to preserve and relocate your belongings. If you’re planning to move, make sure to learn about the proven tricks and popular apps that will help you.

How to Do a Photo Inventory of Your Belongings?

Some common moving mistakes aren’t much different from the ones people tend to make on social media. These slips include inadequate recording of belongings, which could drive some insurance policy issues. So, how do you take inventory photos? Follow these directions. First, pay attention to the proper lighting and the background you chose. Keep your photo session simple and items visible.

Additionally, apply the social media rule once again – one photograph doesn’t do the deed. Start by taking a shot of the object in its usual place. Later, make sure to snap all of its features and obtain a more detailed image. Before you pack the electronics, you should record a video that proves they’re fully functional. Another actionable moving tip includes photographing possessions next to each other. This simple move proves its dimensions. Lastly, ensure you’ve taken photos of all relevant documentation and guarantees for your belongings. It is also essential if you’re moving large items. Even with the best cross-country movers, these precautionary measures are needed. Luckily, there are apps you can use as the optimal solution.

How Do These Apps Work and Why Do You Need One?

Now that you’ve nailed your property photography lessons, how do you list inventory? You’ll need an application that will help you process, catalogize, and organize the results. Home itemization applications enable users to coordinate, document, and track their possessions. Not only do these Android and iOS suites help arrange things according to their value and other categories, but they help you plan. You need to have it all figured out – from the number of moving boxes you need to pack to renting the suiting storage unit if necessary.

The main advantages of using these apps include:

  • Good organization and time-saving,
  • Diminishing the risk of potential costs (due to loss or damage)
  • Insurance and guarantee,
  • Stress-free moving.

These software programs help you name, describe, quantify and order your goods and accessories.

How to Pick the Appropriate App

When picking software, you have to take certain aspects into the account. Here’s what apps should be:

  • Compatible with your device and operating system,
  • User-friendly with an intuitive layout,
  • Versatile and multi-purpose,
  • Built to allow multiple folders and subfolders,
  • Risk-free and secure.
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Top 5 Household Photography Catalog Apps for 2021

Since most people have several categories of items, you’ll need a helping hand to separate them. The technical allies come in equally handy when moving furniture and while packing pictures for moving. Switching houses or relocating a business – using technology is necessary. Regardless of your belongings’ type, size, and substance, use mobile apps to store everything correctly.

Some of the top picks for iOS or Android users include:

  • Sortly,
  • Nest Egg,
  • Memento Database,
  • Encircle,
  • Inventory List.

Nest Egg – Made for Apple Devices

With nearly 728 million iPhones in the world – this iOS-only gadget will improve many moving processes. Among other perks, such as barcode scanning, this application allows you to collect product warranty expiration dates and customer support contacts. As for security and privacy policy – all the info remains on your device only.

Memento Database – The Most Extensive Property Register

This Android, iOS, and desktop application is the most variable one. With over 3,000 samples, your data is bound to be secured according to your wishes, priorities, and preferences. More importantly, you have control of everything that goes on. The whole idea of the Memento Database is to play by your rules. You can also sync it with Google to create the inventory spreadsheet with pictures.

Sortly – The Most Popular Choice

Sortly is a software program made for both iOS and Android enthusiasts. It enables you to classify your stuff into multiple folders and subfolders. One folder can contain all the belongings from one room, while a subfolder should hold picture inventory according to its type. Moreover, this tech wonder for mobile devices encourages you to enter other relevant data – such as the serial number of a device you’re packing and more. Now, you can’t help but ask – How much does Sortly cost? The beauty of it is that its main version comes free of charge. If you choose the pro version, its cost starts from $39 per month. Once this digital tool organizes your stuff, you might even realize you can sell some unwanted items. Neat, right?

Encircle – The Most Adjustable Tool

If you’re looking for a highly flexible tool that’s compatible with both mobile operating systems – look no further. Encircle is multifaceted and easy to use. Additionally, this cross-platform program is free. Picture and catalog every item in every room. Before hiring a cross-country moving company and seeking professional packing services, know all your stuff and its features.

Inventory List – iOS Home Catalog

Another free methodizing option for iOS users. Using this home cataloging app is simplistic and intuitive. And lastly – it comes with a Smart Tracker system. If you must pack quickly, this digital product is one of your best associates to keep things tidy. If you’re searching for a similar alternative, check out the Where is my stuff app. It has some comparable features, and you can buy it on Google Play.

Keeping Record of Your Stuff is Inevitable (Yet Accessible!)

Taking shots of your belongings and sorting them is the best way to ensure your belongings before the movers arrive. Even if you’ve found the most dedicated and competent team for cross-country moving services, adding a dash of extra care won’t do you any harm. A systematic picture record saves time and energy. It lessens tension and reduces the risk of possible financial losses. In a way, picking fitting item organizing software and hiring the right moving crew should be your prime objectives when relocating.

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