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All You Need to Know About Moving With a Dog to a New Home

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Moving across the country can be really stressful. But what happens when you also have a furry little friend to take care of? It’s an experience on a whole other level. Make sure to check the list of things to know about moving with a dog to a new home in a different state.

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How Do You Move A Dog To A New Home?

Whether you’re moving during the holidays or moving in the summer, there are some basic steps you need to take so you can easily relocate with your furry friends. You will see gradual progress each day until you have completely settled in your future house.

Plan the Entire Process

One of the best things to do when relocating with dogs is planning ahead each step of the process so you don’t make any moving mistakes. Grab your laptop or notepad and make a list of things you need to do and how you will do it until you’ve reached your destination.  When it comes to your other belongings, you might want to consider storage for stuff you deem to be excess, or just sell unwanted items.

Keep the Routine as Regular as Possible

Pets have their daily routines and anything that disrupts that is bound to stress them out. So try to keep it as regular as possible without interruptions. Don’t do everything all of a sudden. Do small tasks, one at a time, so your little friend won’t feel the change and can maintain his/her routine.

Prepare Your Dog For Moving Day

Once you officially commence the packing process, you need to begin preparing your canine friend for relocating to the future house. This is the part that usually stresses them out the most, so it’s important they get a lot of love and support during this period (and favorite food, too.) It is vital that you:

  • Get your dog microchipped and have them wear ID tags with your future address on them.
  • Get copies of your dog’s health records and a health certificate, so you can give them to your next veterinarian.
  • Begin training your furry friend to get accustomed to boxes and other packing materials.
  • You can also hire packing services so you can spend more time with your companion.

Create A Safe Place

You can empty one small room and fill it with your dog’s toys, food, water, blankets, carrier, etc. Throw in some of your used clothes, so that the room is filled with familiar scents and objects. This safe haven will be your dog’s go-to place when he feels anxious.

Protect Your Dog On Moving Day

This is the moment all of you have been waiting for – it’s moving day. Since it can get quite chaotic when moving long-distance and there are many more people in the house than usual, it would be for the best that you have your pet in the safe room with the door closed. This way, your dog won’t bother you or the movers, nor will you bother him. Give your furry friend treats or a small portion of food (you don’t want them vomiting that food in the car or airplane), and come in the room every hour or so to check if things are okay.

Check Out Tips On How To Fly With Your Dog

If you need to book car shipping from a professional long distance moving company, you have to take your dog with you on an airplane. There are many things you need to know about flying with a pet. The best thing you can do is to check with your airline what needs to be done on your behalf when it comes to additional fees, registrations, and other paperwork. Small dogs can travel with you on the plane, in a carrier that is TSA approved, that you will put under your seat. Larger dogs must be in a carrier and put in the cargo hold of the plane (unless they’re emotional support or service dogs.) Either way, the dog has to be used to being in a carrier by the time of departure. Be sure to try these travel tips on how to fly with your dog:

Take Notice When They Bark During Flight

Being in a carrier and flying on an airplane is a stressful experience for your canine. So when dogs bark, it means that they need some comfort. You should always pay attention and care for them so they’ll know they’re safe. Perhaps you can consult with your vet to give your canine friend a small amount of sedative so that it can be in a relaxed state during flight. That especially goes if your dog has to be put into the cargo hold where you can’t take care of him.

How Long Does It Take For A Dog To Adjust To a Move to a New Home?

Most dogs adjust within a few days, but some enjoy exploring their new home almost instantly. Others take weeks. It all depends on the dog’s personality and training methods. In any case, whether you’re moving to the suburbs or moving to a small town, let your dog explore the neighborhood as much as possible.

Help Your Dog Adjust To Your New Home

Toys, playtime, and food can help your canine friend adjust to the new surroundings. For example, give him a special toy or blanket when he curls up in a corner of the house. It can help him relax. When you leave your dog alone for the first time, do it when he rests or sleeps.

Introduce Your Dog To His New Neighborhood

When you’ve relocated to your present-day home, you should let your companion explore its surroundings, when supervised. First, let him get to know the house, then the street, then the rest of the neighborhood. Walking with him up and down the street serves as a training routine to get to know the neighborhood.

Let Your Companion Play With Other Dogs In The Park

Once you’ve mastered previous steps, you can level up to the point where your companion can play with the other dogs in the park. Don’t let him loose on the first playdate. In the beginning, you should let him introduce himself to other local dogs and then let him play freely. This is also the perfect opportunity for you to meet new neighbors. Don’t forget to check out some tips on park etiquette.

All It Takes Is Some Love And Support

Whenever you pull off a cross country move (or any other move for that sake), you should shower your pet companion with lots of love and support to help them handle the transition and change of scenery. Reserving long distance moving services can help you not worry about packing materials, transport, and other elements of relocation so that you can spend more time with your furry companion. If you want an experience that doesn’t involve the usual relocation chaos and anxiety, feel free to contact a reliable interstate moving company near you and get a free quote.

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