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Best Tips for Moving Into a College Dorm

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If you are going to become a prospective freshman, one of the most exceptional events in your life is, for sure, moving into a college dorm. About 40 percent of full-time students live in dorms, and even though this transition represents an exciting period in any young person’s life, it could also be quite stressful and should be handled right. Most four-year colleges have dormitories, but you should also consider other options – do you need to rent an apartment or live in off-campus housing?

Whatever you choose, there are many benefits of staying in a dorm, and one of them is the possibility to be at the center of all the happenings, and a chance to communicate with professors and people with similar interests. But dorms have their own rules that must be obeyed, for example, having a meal at a specific time or no visitors after 1 am.

Another benefit of spending time in a dormitory is the affordability. That means everything is included here, while in an apartment, you must think about paying rent and utilities, cooking food and buying groceries, and getting to and from the campus.

If your student days are fast approaching, take a look at our handy tips, be prepared for the next step, organize everything ahead of time and create your college checklist.

Preparatory Step – Assemble All Important Papers

Leaving your comfort zone, cozy home, and coming into a new environment where everything is unfamiliar to you, is undoubtedly a challenging process. For the first time, you will be independent, with the possibility to organize your every day on your own. Depending on your practicality, your learning process might be more or less effective. Also, getting friendly and spending some precious moments with your new buddies are the bright sides of a student’s life. To make this relocation process hassle-free, you should keep in mind what preliminary measures you have to take.

When it comes to necessary paperwork, there are some essentials documents you will need in new surroundings. So, when the big day comes, don’t forget to take with you these papers:

  • ID
  • Student ID
  • Debit/prepaid card
  • Social security card
  • Driving license
  • Car registration
  • Motor insurance documents
  • Medical insurance card
  • Bank account information
  • Financial aid forms
  • Renters’ insurance

Moving Into a College Dorm Causes a Specific Emotional State

Every beginning is difficult. This period of your life might seem exhausting and confusing to you, but after several years, it will remain in your memory as one of the most exciting. People usually have unforgettable memories from their student years. Still, before you go on to create them, you will have to cope with strong emotions at the beginning of your new life as an undergraduate.

Family and relatives should be your support in bad and great moments alike, and this major change might be the reason for some stronger feelings. Try not to make this period more complicated than it should be – you are uprooting your whole life all right, but you’re about to become an independent individual for the first time. Only the stress-free course of events will provide you with the mental strength to organize the whole packing process in time.

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Be Practical When It Comes to Packing

Have in mind that college rooms have only the essential furniture and that everything else you should bring with you. Also, think about the current season and temperature and pack your clothes for the next few months accordingly. You can go home during the holidays and repack your stuff. Besides the clothes, consider some practical tips when moving – here’s a shortlist of things you should bring with you:

  • Bed linens and sheets
  • Towels
  • Toiletries
  • Basic school supplies
  • Kitchen items
  • Tech necessities
  • The decor and miscellaneous, such as sleep mask or books and games, and decorative pillows, as well

Know That You’ll Share Your Living Space

During the college period, you will share with other residents not only things and clothes but your living space, as well. For instance, a large bathroom is intended for all the students living in your hallway. Within the room, there is usually a kitchenette where all your roommates will take part in cooking and washing the dishes. You’ll soon get used to it and accept the new environment as your second home.

Bring Storage Bins and Make Your Moving Easier

With plastic bins and plastic moving boxes, you will get two birds with one stone. By using them, packing, carrying, and placing your stuff under the bed in the room will be much easier. Besides, they do not require unpacking after you move in. So, roll up your sleeves and find some free moving boxes.

Pack Thoughtfully – Sort, Organize and Leave Some Items Behind

One more handy tip is to organize your belongings according to type. You should avoid packing shoes with shirts, or groceries with detergent. This thoughtful packing method won’t just protect your things from dirt and unpleasant smells but, at the same time, will facilitate the unpacking process after you move in.

Check With Your New Roommate What to Bring

Find out who your roommates are and contact them before packing and relocating. Exchanging information about the type of stuff they are planning to take with them, can be useful for you to avoid packing the same items. Double TV or two futons in an already small-sized room is nothing but excess.

Pack Something to Remind You of Your Loved Ones Before You Move

Keepsakes are things that can help us during rough times. Sometimes, only one look at the photo in the family album can make the rainbow after a storm. That’s why you shouldn’t forget to bring with you pictures of friends and loved ones from home.

Don’t Forget That College Rooms Are Tiny

When it comes to relocation for a more extended period, the packing process can be unorganized and chaotic. People usually tend to pack more than is necessary and don’t think about other solutions. To pack casual and seasonal things, as well as tools and basic first aid supplies, seems quite reasonable. Everything more than that requires much more space that is not available in a college dorm.

Consider Additional Space in the Form of a Storage Container

Whether you are planning to move a heck of a lot of items in your parent’s car or van, or leave some of them in the home, you might need a bigger place for all your stuff. Moving on your own can sometimes cause more trouble than you expected. Think about hiring professional moving services and renting storage space. For your needs, smaller storage units would be just perfect. You can place whatever you want in it, can visit it when it suits you, take anything from it, and place inside something you don’t need from your dorm room anymore.

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